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Campaign for Academic Excellence

The Foundation’s Campaign for Academic Excellence provides a continuum of year-round integrated academic support programs that promote high academic standards and help all students succeed at B-CC High School.

Distribution of Grants by Categories, FY2016

Foundation Grants Awarded FY2016

Summer Programs

B-CC’s Summer Academy Program

9th Grade Summer Academy: a three-week summer program staffed by B-CC and Westland teachers for incoming 9th graders who would benefit from extra assistance to work on English, math, science, study skills, and general school issues.

10th Grade Summer Academy: a one-week summer program for at-risk rising 10th graders to help them explore their post-high school options and plan their high school work accordingly.

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College Essay Writing Workshop

One-week summer sessions where students receive focused instruction and individual feedback from B-CC’s English teachers on college application essay writing.

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Girls Leadership Workshop

A one-week summer program of leadership skill building and empowerment activities for 10th-12th grade girls who have leadership potential, to provide them the inspiration, motivation, and the skills needed to be leaders in their communities. Recruitment is based on recommendations by coaches and counselors with focus on Summer Academy students.

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Journalism & Media Literacy Workshop

A two-week summer program where 9th and 10th graders work with B-CC’s journalism teachers on news and feature writing as well as on media literacy and opinion writing, learning skills that can serve them well in a variety of classes at B-CC.

Pre AP/IB Workshop

A one-week summer program for 10th graders to have them experience the skills and tasks that they will encounter in rigorous AP or IB courses and help them build their confidence and develop their skills needed in those higher level courses.

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School Year Programs

TAP (Time for Academic Progress)

An after-school academic support program staffed by B-CC teachers, offering help in all levels of English, math, science, and social studies to all B-CC students — from those challenging themselves in advanced classes to those struggling in regular classes.

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B-CC CollegeTracks

A college access and success program to help ensure all B-CC graduates have the opportunity to get into higher education/career pathways regardless of their family’s income or college-going experience.

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International Baccalaureate Program

The Foundation ensures access to IB classes for all B-CC students by helping B-CC’s IB program pay the exam and registration fees for students who are unable to pay the fees but do not meet the criteria to receive funding from the Maryland State Department of Education.

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Academic Peer Partners

A student-centered academic support program where a student who has been successful in a particular class is paired with a student who has asked for help in that subject. Academic Peer Partners meet at least once a week at lunchtime for academic support.

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B-CC Annual Writing Contest

A joint program by B-CC’s student literary magazine, Chips, and B-CC’s English Department where all currently-enrolled B-CC students are invited to submit entries in four categories — short story, personal essay, poetry, and drama — to be judged by Chips staff and students. The top six entries in each category are then sent to the Writer’s Center in Bethesda to be judged by professional writers.

Departmental Support

The Foundation’s annual grants program provides funding for equipment, supplies, and support programs requested by various departments at B-CC.

Counseling: assistance to fee-waivers eligible TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam takers after MCPS limited aid to only AP and IB exam takers in FY2016, thereby bringing financial relief for TOEFL exam takers in line with other exam takers.

English: one Chromebook cart, housing 32 laptops, that greatly expands the use of innovative integrated technology to improve students’ writing skills as they are able to write more often, receive almost immediate feedback from teachers and fellow students, and do more rewriting.

Journalism: a grant to help the Tattler, B-CC’s student newspaper, expand its capabilities for color printing, web hosting, and cloud licenses, and in its venture into the video and audio media.

Media Center: an LCD multimedia projector that has the resolution, brightness, and image size needed for large group presentation, as well as the ability to work with new technologies such as tablets and Chromebooks.

Music: a new oboe to supplement the existing two to provide more oboe players an opportunity to increase their skills on a full-size, conservatory-style key system that is used by college and professional oboe players.

Physics: a SPARKvue Sensor Bundle which has software that helps students understand physics concepts and equations better by running their own data, and sensors and accoutrements that help students measure physical data such as voltage, temperature, sound, force, magnetic field and electric field with the accuracy and at the caliber that the students should be measuring them. Along with the new supply of Chromebooks, the software and the sensors will allow for a wider variety of experiments to take place in the classroom for both AP and IB physics students.

Theater: a Broadway Dreams Foundation Master Class program where a professional artist offers in-school master classes for performing and technical theater students, an invaluable training opportunity for students who aspire to a career in musical theater.

Extracurricular Activities

Barons Pride: a grant to help the Baron Pride Committee, consisting of B-CC students, parents, and staff, to improve communication with parents and to fund and support projects and activities that increase school spirit, unity, and pride at B-CC. The goal is to foster an environment where students feel connected.

B-CC’s Green Club: a grant to help Green Club students purchase 10 compost bins and 4 worm composters to transform classroom trash into compost soil that is 10 times more nutrient rich than those from traditional composting methods. The compost will be used to nitrify organically the soil in B-CC’s greenhouse where students grow fresh produce year round for the Westland Pantry, an organization that provides food to lower income students.

Lazarus Leadership Fellows: a leadership development program that teaches and strengthens leadership skills in 10th and 11th graders through a series of seminars and meetings with local leaders as well as the development and implementation of a 200-hour community service by each student addressing a need the student has identified in his/her community. Each Lazarus Fellow receives a $250 stipend for project expenses during the summer to help ensure that this program is not limited to those who can afford not to earn money during the summer.

Professional Development for Faculty

The Foundation provides grants to teachers and staff to take courses and attend seminars, workshops, and conferences to acquire new knowledge and skills to enhance their teaching and support for students. In FY2016, teachers received grants to attend national conferences and take online courses.

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Our Impact

The Foundation’s Campaign for Academic Excellence provides a continuum of year-round integrated academic support and enrichment programs that promote high academic standards and success for all students at B-CC High School.


Partnership with B-CC High School Since 1995

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Educational Foundation was established in 1995 during a time of declining enrollment and deteriorating facilities at B-CC High School. The Foundation took on the charge to help improve school facilities, raise academic rigor, and re-engineer B-CC for the 21st Century

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School Educational Foundation was established in 1995 during a time of declining enrollment and deteriorating facilities at B-CC High School. The Foundation took on the charge to help improve school facilities, raise academic rigor, and re-engineer B-CC for the 21st Century.

Foundation Net Revenue 1996-2017 By the summer of 2017, the Foundation has raised more than $2.7 million to meet that challenge and has been investing in academic excellence at B-CC High School for more than two decades. With new programs and a newly modernized facility that was completed in February 2002, B-CC’s enrollment, reflecting community confidence in the school, has been increasing steadily ever since, from 1,076 students in 1995 to 2,074 students in 2017.

The generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, students, businesses, and community members has made it possible for the Foundation to fund innovative academic support programs that promote high academic standards and support success for all B-CC students. In the process, the Foundation helped bring several “firsts” to B-CC High School:

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