The Votes Are In!
October 8-9, 2016
B-CC 55th Reunion

Committee posing at the 50th Reunion picnic at Smokey Glen


Yes, folks, we're going to do it. We finally heard from enough of you to make it worthwhile. The dates are October 8-9, 2016.

Many thanks to all who took the time to tell us not only that you want a 55th reunion, but to let us know what you'd like us to plan. We've now heard from 130 of you, i.e., about 1/3 of the 406 on our mailing list. Out of that 88 of you want a reunion. That's maybe 120 or so attendees, presuming everyone who said yes can attend. To that we'll assume that some of the other nearly 300 of you that we didn't hear from may also decide to join us. In fact, we're counting on it since many of our "regulars" didn't respond.

We're still hoping to hear from the stragglers, as it will help immensely with planning. For those of you who wrote us to say (or just thought it) that your vote didn't count--it does. This is your class and your classmates and every one we hear from counts.

The majority want two days rather than three. For the first time, the formal dinner-dance came in third rather than first. This means we'll have a less formal event on Saturday, which will be held at the newly renovated Pooks Hill Marriott. To jog your memory, It seems that some of you still love to dance, while others find the music too loud and want it somewhat removed from the dining area. We plan to have a DJ, but will work to make sure the music stays at a reasonable level and at a remove from the dining area. We will have a block of rooms available at a special rate. On Sunday, there will be a picnic at Smokey Glen (where we had the 50th).

We'll get back to you next year with much more detail, including costs. In the meantime, we hope you'll put the dates on your calendar. We're excited to be doing this once again and look forward to seeing everyone.

Again, our thanks to all who responded--especially to those who were afraid we didn't get your first response, making sure we heard you by telling us a second time. We love the enthusiasm. To all of you who told us how much you appreciate the efforts of the Reunion Committee in keeping the Class of '61 united and robust, we appreciate your saying so.

Have a great end of summer. We'll be back with more e-newsletters and with reunion news.

PS For those of you who might be interested, we've received this from Louis Kerdock:!events/c20k




From your communications team: Barbara, Jan, Rusty and Sandy