It's not all bad news.  Did you know that in many ways the brain improves with age?  "The brain is a complex government of neural systems, and each has its own developmental course as we mature," says Dr. Louis Cozolino, a psychology professor at Pepperdine University.  "Some of these networks continue to improve as we age, such as expert knowledge, complex problem solving, and emotional stability." 

All things that may have been somewhat lacking in high school. (Editor's comment)




A frequent theme in these newsletters is to remind us in various ways of our teen-age years.  How many of you know that Bo Diddley lived in D.C. in the '60s?  


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Bo Diddley (1958) full album
Bo Diddley (1958) full album



Our History


Many of us think our high school years were some of the best of our lives.  Others remember painful times of unhappiness and exclusion.  We think that regardless of where you fall in that range, it's important to reflect on what it was like to be a minority during that era:  


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And for a look at what it's like to be in a minority at B-CC in 2015, here's a link to a student produced video: 


I, Too, Am B-CC (High school)



You can also see the article and video on our Facebook page, along with lots of other photos from classmates.  


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From the class of 1959


Most of you have probably seen the headlines about the racist video made by a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and the prompt and appropriate response by the university president, David Boren.  What you may not know is that David was B-CC Class of '59.  David served as the governor of Oklahoma and as a U.S. senator from that state.  Another little tidbit:  Dave Boren had Mr. Allnut inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.


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In the Neighborhood


You football fans, especially the fans of our Washington team, will have fond memories of John Riggins.  We thought we'd let you know that Riggins is now a resident of Cabin John.  Although his playing time was reduced by the players' strike during the 1982 season, Riggins' performance in the post season is what most likely put him in the Hall of Fame. His most memorable performance came in Super Bowl XVII with 166 yards rushing, including the game winning 43 yard touchdown run in the Redskins' 27-17 win over the Miami Dolphins. 
Perhaps more memorable, according to Riggins himself was when he met Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at a party and admonished:  
"Come on Sandy baby, loosen up."  He said later, "I'll be remembered for (saying that) much longer than for being an MVP." 

Hot off the Presses:

We have another new author!  Peter Hartjens just had his book, A Million Smiles published by Outskirts Press. "101 True (Well Mostly True) Smilemaking Stories."  To read more about it, click here!



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