Another year is nearly gone and many if not most of us are enjoying retirement, so we'd thought we'd let you know more about the diverse and marvelous opportunities, joys, and choices for retirement among our classmates.  If you're doing something you'd like to tell us about, please let us hear from you. 
Classmate Steven Mayer, along with Susan Doherty, has spent several months (off and on) transversing the U.S. in a Vistabule Tear Drop Trailer.  For those who don't know, it's an extraordinarily compact yet comfortable home away from home.  Having seen it firsthand, we can vouch for it's versatility.  So, follow along in narrative and photographs with Steven and Susan as they travel from their home in Minnesota to points as far away as Alaska.   Along the way, you'll see some gorgeous scenery and learn a bit about local culture and history.   

Classmate Bob Maxwell will wow you as he keeps up his martial arts skills: 

Debbie Williamson Rine's second and third books in the Banner Bluff series are out, available as a paperback or on Kindle at Amazon: 

Some of us are still working at our chosen professions. Case in point is Reuben Aaronson.  We thought you cat lovers and just pet lovers in general would appreciate this wonderful film that Reuben has been working on:  http://vimeo.com/107632656

We lost our Hot Shoppe, but the Tastee Diner is still with us click here to get the story. 

More news about Bethesda:
  • To find out why Bethesda is one of the “coolest cities” and how cool is  DC click here for the article
  • Just how smart is Bethesda? If you want to know click here for the answer.
  • Remember those snakes at Glen Echo?  We remember the stories and perhaps some of you will, too.  Well before the Internet and its many hoaxes, there was this story about  Glen Echo snakes

We may have thought that it was just  that Elvis was sexy, but actually our music really was just better, if only because they make us happy. To get the scoop on the psychology behind this
click here.
To refresh our memories and for a great youtube remembrance of The King:  click here

Wishing all our classmates and friends a very Happy Holiday Season! 

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