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This is (possibly) the last time you'll hear from us before the reunion. We're hoping you've responded with your reservations and payment. This will just tell you about a few things you need to know and remember.

Parking fees will be waived for Friday night for all classmates, both those staying at the Marriott and those coming for the evening. For Marriott overnight guests, the hotel will deduct the half price fee of $6 for that night only. For everyone else, see Barbara Johnson for validation.

You will receive ONE pin-on picture badge for the weekend. You will receive it at registration at whichever event you first join us. PLEASE bring the badge with you to all subsequent events, but please check-in at the registration desk at all events. There will be blank badges for your guests to fill out.

You will be given your COLOR booklet (if purchased in advance) at the registration desk on whichever is your first event with us. Booklets will also be available for purchase ($20) on Friday and Sunday. We've seen a preview, and it is truly spectacular!

Forty-seven classmates have signed up for the tour of B-CC, on Sat., Oct. 15. We will meet at 9:50 a.m. at the entrance doors, which are on the side of B-CC where the tennis court and parking lot are located There will be a sign on the door. You may park in the lot. The tour of our newly renovated (2002) school, led by Carol Brand, will begin promptly at 10 a.m. The name tags you will receive are only for this event. After the 90-minute tour, we will gather for light refreshments. A list of who has signed up will be posted at registration on Friday night, in case anyone wants to carpool. B-CC alumni hats are available for $10 to support the B-CC HS Educational foundation. For further questions, contact Judi Druskin Goozh at; cell 301 -503-6752.

At the registration desk at Congressional, you will receive a ticket with your meal choice written on it. Please place it at your place on the table where you are sitting so that servers will know your choice.

Gentlemen--please remember that jackets and ties are required for Saturday's dinner/dance at Congressional Country Club.

We'll be in the Barn Area at Smokey Glen, where we will be provided with a softball diamond, a basketball area, tether ball, two volleyball courts, 2 sets of horseshoe pits, 9-hole miniature golf course. Everything is provided except softball gloves, so if you want a game don't forget to bring your glove.

In deference to your classmates, please silence your cell phones at all events. Thanks!

After the reunion, please send your photos to so that we can post them on the website.

Although we know this is subject to change, the Accuweather long-range forecast tells us to expect . . . highs of 68 degrees and lows of 50 degrees.

A big thank you to all of you who have made a donation. We're sorry that some of you won't be listed as a donor in the booklet, as some of you donated after we went to press; but please know that your contribution is greatly appreciated.

We also want to tell you how many classmates you'll be seeing in a few weeks -- we had 205 individuals sign up for the reunion, and with guests it comes to a whopping 322 attendees coming to our various events. See the attachment for a list of who is coming.

Detailed information about the various events can be found at our website

bcc61.htm. If you have any questions, call Barbara Johnson at 301-365-0359, or Sandy Badian Weiss at 301-340-6422.

Whew! Hope we haven't forgotten anything. We're so excited and can't wait to see all of you.

B-CC 50th Reunion - A few more things
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We know we told you that the previous email was "probably" the last before the reunion, but naturally we forgot a couple of things we wanted to tell you as well as a few reminders:

Please note that there is only light fare on Friday evening, so you'll need to make your own dinner reservations/plans. There are lots of restaurants in Bethesda, Potomac, and Rockville. Or you can have a Mighty Mo in the hotel. It's not on the regular menu, so you'll have to ask for it.

Please remember guys, coats and ties required at Congressional. Thanks!

We would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge that the DVD being made during all the events is a gift to our class from Carol Wilson Pattison. Carol is only charging for postage, all proceeds above the mailing costs are a donation to our class.

We'd again like to mention that this truly spectacular booklet is in glorious color thanks to an anonymous gift from a classmate.

If you haven't ordered one or both, there's still time.

We heard from some of our teachers we invited to the reunion. To find out what they said please see the attachment. As a special treat for us, one our teachers, Colin Steele, will be attending the dinner dance.

If we've forgotten anything else, please don't remind us, but most of the reunion information can be found on our website

See you very soon.

Responses from Teachers:

Written responses received from teachers invited to the 50th Reunion, who taught us at B-CC.

Dr. Robert Appleton (Economics, Sociology)

After 27 years in the social studies department at B-CC I retired in 1985. I have maintained a connection with B-CC since
that date. Beginning in the late 1990s and until 2007 I participated in the school's student exchange with Moscow School 45.
B-CC was the first American high school invited to join the exchange program. I learned the Russian language in the army
and was most receptive to the invitation from Jim Biedron, my friend and colleague in the social studies department and
teacher of Russian at the school, to accompany the students on the exchange. I did that many times. I was a chaperon, tour
guide, a translator and a teacher of English for the Russian students at School 45. Also, Katherine and l have entertained
Russian teachers and students from School 45 many times.

In 1994 my wife, Katherine, and I moved to Gettysburg. Here I have volunteered at the National Park, the Adams County
Literacy Council (English as a second language), acted with five local theater groups and am teaching the Russian laneuage.

Of course. B-CC was a great place to teach. I enjoyed the students and still have many tiiends who were on the
faculty. Graduates of '61 enjoy your reunion!!

Robert Appleton

Coach Jim Davis (Physical Education)

I taught Physical Ed, coached Track & Field, Cross Country, and JV football for the Barons (1955-1964). I left B-CC lo teach
and coach at Montgomery College for twenty four years (1964 - 1988). I can honestly say my nine years at B-CC were some
of the most enjoyable of my teaching carecr.

Bethesda and the high school have changed dramatically. The tront entrance used to be the boys locker room. However, I
remember the "good old days" and the fun we all had in that building on East West Highway, just two blocks frorn the Hot
Shoppe. I am 80 now and have many fond memories of good old B-CC. I know you students had fun, but not as nruch as the
faculty in the faculty lounge. What I'm trying to say is we had a great school.

JoAnne and I live in a retirement and health care facility up here in State College, PA. I graduated from Penn State in 1952
B.S. degree and l953 M.Ed., so we are back home. We live one mile from the football stadium where they get 105 - 110,000
for every home game.

I regret that we cannot attend your reunion, but please say a special hello to all the guys. I had alrnost all ofthenr in Phys. Ed.
(required 5 days a week fbr all 3 years) or on one of my teams. Have FUN. you will remember this rest of your lives.

God Bless.
Jim Davis

P.S. A special THANKS to all my Track and Cross Country Team Members.

Dr. Martha Pappas (English)

Dear Class of 1961,

Sadly. I cannot attend your reunion. I have some good memories of my days at B-CC HS -- and would love to see how you all
"have turned out."

Please give my warrn regards and best wishes to everyone.

Martha R. Pappas

Phyllis Pelleu Drewyer (Physical Education)

Sorry I will not be able to attend as I will be in Minnesota visiting my daughter and her husband. Enjoy all your events and
have a wonderful time.

Best wishes.
Mrs. Drewyer

Rowena Roberge (Biology)

Thank you tbr inviting me to the 50 year reunion of the B-CC Class of '61. I regret I will be unable to attend this fun filled
event. For 50 plus years I have bragged about the outstanding students I was privileged to teach College Prep Biology. You
were intelligent. hard working and very respectful. I would like to hear about the successful careers and professional
achievements attained by your great group. Have a wonderful celebration!

Rowena Roberge

Dr. Colin Steele (Physics, Geometry)

To: B-CC Class of 1961
From: Colin G. Steele

My tenure at B-CC began three years after college. While at UVA, as part of the ROTC program, "l sailed the seven seas."
The Sputnik "surprise" had resulted in a drastic rise in physics enrollment. Fred Evans needed some help. So I spent the next
six years (1959-65) teaching the "overflow" as well as geometry. Fred retired and I inherited the job full time. You can be
sure the AP Physics and Physical Science were a challenge.

Some of you may remember me as "the wrestling coach." When your principal hired me, he casually said, "By the way, you
wouldn't want to begin a new sport here at B-CC, would you?" Back then the coaches received no compensation. For the
next seven years (during which period I earned a MA from George Washington), I coached wrestling, I considered it a
privilege as well as a duty. When appointed as Department Chairman, I reluctantly "left the mats."

Since then my very existence seems to have flashed by, as you soon will discover.

Assistant principal at Earl Wood - Montgomery Village
Sabbatical at GW for doctorate in administration
High school principal in Richmond, VA
Both children college graduates
New wifb (now 33 year's worth)
Middle School principal in Winchester, VA
Wonderful retirement since 1996
Spend winters and summers in second home in Murrells Inlet, SC
Three-way heart by-pass in 2008

All in all, my life has been exciting and satisfying. These days I play - (golf and bridge). I read (biographies, history, and
science). I even nap on occasion. I will be with you at Congressional in October.

Colin G. Steele