No Kidding!

You can do it!
Write that bio!
Find that photo!

Dear Friends,


The deadline for sending your booklet entry is Monday, August 15th! You still have time to send us a few words.


What are you up to?  It does not need to be earth shattering.  We'd love to hear from you. Your classmates are writing all kinds of stuff.  Some entries are very short.  Some are very long.  50 years have gone by.  Things happen.  Good things.  Bad things, and everything in between.  


If attaching a word document is too difficult, just send it in an email and we'll deal.  A photo, any photo.  Please!  Yes, we are begging.  We will not extend the deadline.

Much as we love doing this, there are other things to do.  Like washing dishes and watching TV. 


Right now, for the vast majority of you, we have your high school photo on a blank page.  It looks very empty! 


Here's an idea:  Make something up!  Tell us what it's like living on the Space Shuttle or in the Playboy Mansion or finding buried treasure  ---  we are all ears.  


Send your bio and photo to  NOW!  


We'd love each item to be an attachment, but at this point, we'll be happy with just about any form you can manage.  


You can do it!  Take five minutes, sit yourself down and get 'er done!  




Your Class of '61 Reunion Committee


Thanks for reading this and for sending in your reservations by Sept 14,

and your bios and photos by August 15th.

Yes, this Monday!


From your 50th Reunion Communication Team: 

 Barbara, Sandy, Jan, and Tom. 

 See you in October!

B-CC Reunion Committee | c/o Barbara Johnson | 7500 Shadywood Road | Bethesda | MD | 20817