B-CC 50th Reunion -- Reminder and New Information

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(The photo above was taken at the 40th Reunion in 2001. On the left Eric Seline and Patti McLaughlin won the dance contest.)
We have had a wonderful response from many of you who have already registered for reunion events. Even if you have registered, please don’t toss this email  before you read it, because we have added important new information, so you might want to keep it for reference.  We also want to encourage you not to wait for the September 14 cut-off date to respond. You will save us a lot of angst and time by registering NOW. Scroll down in this email for a registration form. Forms are also available on the class website at www.webstoriches.net/bcc/bcc61.htm.   
    Golden Reunion Main Events
Friday, October 14, 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m.
 Meet-and-Greet Open House, Marriott Suites
 6711 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, MD 20817  301-897-5600
Dress is casual.  Light fare and cash bar, so please make your own dinner plans—remembering that the Mighty Mo is available at the Marriott. Please make your room reservation ASAP. Mention B-CC Class of ’61 reunion to get our special rate on rooms and parking. Parking on Friday night, both for those staying at the Marriott and those coming for the evening will be covered. However, hotel guests will be charged the half-price fee ($6) for all other nights of your stay.
Saturday, October 15, 6 p.m. to midnight
Dinner/Dance at Congressional Country Club
  8500 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817    301-469-2000
About 10 minutes from the Marriott. Music by our very own Wombats. Hosted bar. Valet parking. Once again, our host is classmate Marvin McIntyre. See dinner choices on reservation form below. As dressy as you want to make it. Please note that jackets are required for men.
 Sunday, October 16, noon to 6 p.m.
 Picnic (rain or shine) at Smokey Glen Farm Park        
16407 Riffleford Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878     301-948-7170
Dress is casual.  Covered, open-sided barn, but bring rain gear if it seems to be required.  BBQ chicken and ribs with all the fixins’.  Hosted bar.  No pets.  No BYOB, please.  About 30 minutes from the Marriott.  Plenty of free parking available.
You will receive ONE pin-on picture badge for the weekend. You will receive it at registration at whichever event you first join us.  PLEASE bring the badge with you to all subsequent events, but please check-in at the registration desk for all events.  There will be blank badges for your guests to fill out. 
This just in: The Antique Classic Car Show, Saturday  October 15, from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  For all you antique car aficianados, there's another 50th anniversary celebration.  The Antique and Classic Car Show will be at the Rockville Civic Center Park.  Live music and more than 500 automobiles.  Admission is free.  Cars for sale before the show at 8:30 a.m. (Rain date Oct. 22)  The address is 602 Edmonton Drive, Rockville www.rockvillemd.gov/events.
New Event: Rock Creek Forest Reunion Lunch, Saturday October 15, at 11:45 a.m. at Bethesda Democracy Marriott Suites.  Classmates who attended Rock Creek Forest Elementary School, or lived in Rock Creek Forest are invited to a reunion lunch.  The Hot Shoppe Mighty Mo will be served. Guests are welcome.  The price is $31 per person with complementary event parking.  To sign up, or for information, contact Nancy Kody Gerber, dngerber@aol.com, 678-773-6750.
Tour of the “new” B-CC Saturday, October 15, meet at 9:50 a.m.  Our tour is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. promptly, and lasts about 90 minutes.  We will in the front lobby – the one with the huge murals in it.  If you are planning to be part of the tour, please contact Judi Druskin Goozh, paul-judig@verizon.net; 301-933-3751 and give her your name and number of people attending. B-CC is still located at 4301 East-West Highway, Bethesda, MD 20814.
Baccalaureate Revisited, Sunday October 16, 12:15-12:45 pm. at Smokey Glen.  The service will be conducted apart from the main event in an area of the picnic grounds set aside for those who want to participate.  If you are interested, contact Judy Grolig, JudyGrolig@comcast.net; 301-977-0440 or The Reverend Richard Douglas, revrichard@bellsouth.net;  678-546-5656.
A note about the Booklet:  Although it is past the cut-off date for sending in bios and pictures, it is not too late to order your copy of our 50th Reunion Booklet.  Jan Kearney is toiling away on assembling the wonderful booklet to commemorate our Golden Reunion.  She tells us:  “It's a labor of love, and this time I'm going all out.  We’ll have many more bios/photos of classmates than ever before.  Although creating the booklet is hard work, it is such a pleasure and a privilege to read the stories and see the photos of friends from the past.  Even if you are not planning to attend the reunion (c'mon are you sure???), please order a copy of the booklet so you can learn about the lives of your classmates since those teenage years at B-CC.”
A new treat:  Reunion DVD - Classmate Carol Wilson Pattison is planning a special treat for classmates. Carol and her camera will circulate at all three events.  These candid shots, plus some old photos from our archives and a background of ‘50s rock ‘n roll will be available shortly after the reunion.
What terrific keepsakes.  Years from now you can look at the booklet and watch the DVD.  Even if you didn’t send in a bio or aren’t coming to events, consider ordering these items.  Already sent in your form?  You can still submit another form to order additional items or attend more events.  See you in October!
The Band:  Some of you have requested that the music be "toned down a notch."  We're working with the band on the sound system to do just that, but please remember that this is rock 'n roll – the music of our generation.  As there will be tables in the back room this time, we suggest that those of you who particularly want a quieter spot should opt for a table in that area.  But rest assured that the music will be neither continous nor ear-splitting.  There will be "quiet" time before and during dinner and one half-hour break between two 1-hour sets. 

Musicians and Vocalists Take Note:  For those of you who play an instrument or sing, the band encourages your participation – something many of you have done in the past.  If you're interested, please contact John Dunton at johndunton@johndunton.net or call him at 617-571-4872.

Help us Find Missing Classmates
Eis (Sysyn), Elizabeth "SuSu" -- Forrest, Karen -- Ganser, Jurgen -- Giles, Shirley -- Gonzales Rogelio -- Martin, Carolyn -- Sanders, Elizabeth -- Sheeley, Robert -- Swindell, Constance.  Please email 61.committee@gmail.com if you have information that can help find them.
Further Questions?  Check our website: www.webstoriches.net/bcc/bcc61.htm, email the committee at 61.committee@gmail.com, or call Sandy Badian Weiss 301-340-6422, or Barbara Johnson 301-365-0359.  If you don’t have access to our class website to see who is coming or if you need directions, again Sandy or Barbara will be happy to help.
Please let us know if you change your address, telephone number, or email address. 
On the class website www.webstoriches.net/bcc/bcc61.htm, there's a list of those who've indicated (some with registration forms, and some only with intent) that they will be joining us.  For more specific information about who is coming to which event, email us.
We appreciate the donations that classmates have made.  It all adds up, no matter how large or small the donation.  The money donated helps to defray reunion costs, and helps pay for printing and postage costs during the year.  You may make a donation by sending a check made out Smith Barney, mailed to Sandy Badian Weiss, 9509 Windcroft Way, Potomac, MD 20854, or you may make a donation when you submit your reuinion registration form.
Please check the events you plan to attend, the number in your party, and if you want a copy of the very best, most jam-packed booklet yet as well as our very own reunion DVD.  The cut-off date is September 14th.  To help the reunion committee keep their sanity and from being swamped with forms on the last day, we would appreciate receiving your forms as early as possible.  
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                  B-CC CLASS OF 1961 50th REUNION RESERVATION FORM
Please check the events you plan to attend, your dinner selections, and calculate your costs.
___October 14, Meet and Greet, $24                                               _____ # Attending,  My cost_________
___October 15, Dinner Dance, $115                                                 _____ # Attending, My cost__________
#_______ Medallions of chicken stuffed with vegetables & mushrooms
#_______ Braised boneless beef short rib in red wine sauce  
#_______ Vegetarian 
#________Other needs (specify)_________  
 ___  Ocober 16, Picnic, $37 each                                                    _____ # Attending, My cost________
       # ___ Veggie burgers requested, otherwise chicken and ribs served
 ____ Booklet, $20 (if you pick it up at the reunion)
 ___ Booklet, $26 (if you're NOT attending, and we mail it to you)
                                                                                                          ____# Booklets, My cost_________
___DVD, $5 (to be mailed after reunion)                                           ____ # DVDs, My cost___________
___Donation to help defray costs                                                         Donation Amount: ____________
                                                                                                                     Total Costs: $____________
Please add up all costs and enclose check made out to "Smith Barney". We can also accept Visa and MasterCard (charges will be made to Heavenly Days, classmate Linda Buel's business).
●        NAME:______________________________________________________
●        ADDRESS:__________________________________________________
●        PHONE: ___________________________________ 
●        E-MAIL: __________________________________
●        CARD #:_________________________________ (VISA or MasterCard only)
●        EXP. DATE:___________ # ON BACK:__________
●        NAME AS IT APPEARS ON THE CARD:____________________________________________ 
If mailing this form, with check or credit card information, please mail to: Sandy Badian Weiss, 9509 Windcroft Way, Potomac, MD 20854
If emailing this form (only for credit card payment), send all information requested with name as it appears on card to: 61.committee@gmail.com.