2011 has arrived!


Dear Friends,


Yes, this is "overkill!"  You may already have received a print version of this newsletter in the mail. We are also sending this email version to make life easier for those of you who you are cyber smart and know how to click.  So if you have not responded yet to our many questions and requests, please use this handy email version to click away!  And what we really really need to know is how many you'll be at each event--that is, "1"  if just you and "2" if a guest and on up, if your cousins and aunts want to come along.  Staying at the Marriott?  How many rooms? Will you want a booklet?  More than one?  Please specify!  We thank you!

50th B-CC Class of 1961 Reunion! 


2011 is finally here!


We've heard from so many of you who have either never come before or haven't come in many years.  We know from your responses that this is going to be the biggest reunion yet.  One classmate said that even though she was with us for only our sophomore year, and that her 50th reunion from her other high school is at the same time as ours, she will again be with us in Bethesda.  Another says that in spite of an anniversary, her husband's 40th reunion, and a family birthday, she plans to be here too.  One spouse was reluctant to attend the last reunion, saying he wouldn't know anyone there. He had such a good time meeting our friendly classmates, and enjoying the good food and comaraderie that he can't wait to come to the 50th.


Classmates from all over the globe will be flying in for this momentous occasion.  We've heard from classmates who tell us that high school wasn't that great for them.  You might be surprised at which classmates were unsure of themselves, or felt they weren't part of the "in crowd."  Here's the good news: there is no "in crowd" anymore!  We're all one crowd now. We're (thankfully) no longer self-absorbed teenagers.  We've moved on.  And the years in between have shaped us into an amazing and diverse group of individuals.  We may not look the same as our yearbook photos, but we all share vivid memories from those times long ago at B-CC.


We've made new and lasting friends through our reunions.  So, if you have any qualms about coming back, don't let them stop you!  Please come.  You'll find a warm welcome at the B-CC Class of '61 Reunion.







Friday Evening, October 14th: 


             Meet and Greet at the Bethesda Marriott Suites, to include light fare and a cash bar.


Saturday Evening, October 15th:


             Dinner and dancing at the Congressional Country Club, including a hosted bar and dancing once again to "Gary and The Wombats"  (our "house band," featuring classmates John Dunton and Richard Smith.)


Sunday Afternoon, October 16th:


Picnic at Smokey Glen Farm Park. 




What you need to do NOW

 To help us pull off this

 Great Event!


We can't determine costs until we have a better idea of how many of us there will be. So please let us know ASAP if you plan/hope (not a commitment) to join us.We hope to hear from you by the end of February if at all possible.  Even if you've already responded, we'd appreciate hearing from you with the specifics below.


We are meeting with vendors very soon and they will need to know how many people will be attending.  Responding later will not preclude you from coming, it's just we need realistic estimates to confirm the plans.


You can tell us by email by clicking here: committee email Or by mail to Sandy Badian Weiss, 9509 Windcroft Way, Potomac,  MD 20854, or by phone to Sandy at 301/340-6422 or Barbara Johnson at 301/365-0359. 


Please let us know the number planning to attend, whether or not you plan to stay at the Marriott, if you want a booklet, and if you want a group photo.

 Again, the info we need, and please tell us how many will attend each event:


Meet and Greet ________


Dinner/Dance    ________


Picnic at Smokey Glen ______


Room(s) at Marriott ______


Reunion Booklet  ("yes," and how many, or "no")


Group Photo*  (just "yes" or "no")


If you can, we suggest printing out the list so you can remember the questions, then send the answers to us at our email address


We truly appreciate your help!



* We're still determining if the group photo is feasible, given the number of people expected, the amount of time it takes to organize it at the party, and the cost.  We know that many of you will be taking candid shots, which we hope you'll send to us to post on the website. So let us know if the group shot is important to you, to help us decide if it's worthwhile.  THANKS!



Frequently Asked Questions about the Reunion


How can I find out if one of my pals from the old days is going to attend?


                  A list of classmates who are planning to attend can be found by clicking here:  our website. You can also see photos of past reunions and lots more!


Is there a "dress code?"


                  The only event with a dress code is the dinner/dance at Congressional Country Club, which requires men to wear jackets after 5 p.m. 


But do I really have to get all dressed up for the dinner dance thing?


You don't have to, but why not?  Get out your long gowns and tuxes if you're so inclined.  This is the 50th after all!  We'd love to see you in your finery.  But we'll love to see you no matter what you wear. 


I hated the prom and I really don't feel like being fancy.


If you prefer something more casual,  we have an informal gathering at the Marriott on Friday and a picnic on Sunday.  Lots of choices!  Make yours and join us wherever you're comfortable.


Can I make a donation to help defray the costs of the 50th Reunion?


Thanks for asking!  Yes, we need donations to help pay for printing, mailing costs, and deposits on venues.  With your generosity we can minimize the costs for everyone.


Is it tax deductible?


No, your reunion is not a charitable event.  Your reward is the gratitude of your classmates.  Each check, no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.  Many of you have already been generous with your contributions. 


Okay, okay, but where do I send it?


Checks should be made out to Smith Barney, and sent to Barbara Johnson, 7500 Shadywood Road, Bethesda, MD 20817


What's in the booklet you mentioned before, and do I need to do something about it?


Yes, we are putting it together NOW!  We need a current photo, and whatever you'd like to say about your life now, memories of B-CC, or anything you'd like to share.  Best way to send it is by email at our email address or mailed to Barbara Johnson, 7500 Shadywood Road, Bethesda, MD 20817.


You're running out of room on this newsletter, is there anything else to remind me?


Right, we almost forgot!  We need to know if you changed your home address, email address, or phone number.  We would like to know if you get emails from anyone in the class who is not on our class email list.  Please check your friend's name  (and your own) on the website and if the email contact is wrong please let us know. 

Simply click here: our website 

Thanks for reading this (yet again) and for sending in your responses. 

From your 50th Reunion Communication Team: 

 Barbara, Sandy, Jan, and Tom. 

 Stay tuned!