Class of 1971 Reunion

October 12, 2013

Hello B-CC Class of 1971 graduates!!

We have another B-CC reunion coming up on 12 October 2013, and in our “tradition” it is a date that does not align with typical timelines for reunion events, since it will be at graduation +42 years. We picked this date/year to celebrate our class as most of us also celebrate our 60th birthdays!

Last time we got together (2007) many folks indicated a desire to help or contribute the next time around for another fun evening. Now is your chance! The reunion committee has secured the same venue, the Chevy Chase Women's Club, and we are now in the process of soliciting underwriting funds. Our last reunion cost over $11,000 and depended on the effort of many volunteers and some generous donations.

We hope that many of you will contribute to make this a great party! We have established several levels of participation that will be singled out for recognition (unless you want to be anonymous) in the program and at the reunion:

Contribution Levels:
Blue and Gold
$2,500 or more
$1,000 - $2,499
$500 - $999
$250 - $499
Up to $249

Checks can be made out to “BCC 1971 Class Reunion” and sent to our treasurer, Gary Thompson, at 718 Smallwood Road, Rockville, MD 20850, who will deposit them in our class account.

Or, if you are in or related to the food and/or hospitality industry, you might consider a donation in kind towards the menu, beverages, and/or decorations. These will also be acknowledged in the program.

Please help in whatever way you can. Volunteers are always needed.

Our current focus is on finding and notifying as many classmates as possible – so let people know about the plans by forwarding this letter or letting us know other classmates’ email addresses and/or phone numbers. We also welcome any close friends you might have from other B-CC classes who would like to join the celebration.

We are on Facebook [Bethesda Chevy Chase High School class of 1971], (we have 326 members there), and LinkedIn (search for B-CC High School Class of 1971 on to join).


B-CC Class of 1971 Reunion Committee
Barbra Paul Johnson (
Lydia Funger (

[New members always welcome! Currently we are (more or less) local members Barbra Paul Johnson, Gary Thompson, Parke Brewer, Curt Mattingly, Lydia Funger, Dale Rubenstein, Mark Turner, Joanne (Ackerman) Kieffer, Dee Rubin, Bob McCartney, Jean Hopkins, and a few out-of-towners including Jay Prensky, Bruce Pollock, Tommy Perry, and Mike Lynch]