Class of 1954 50th Reunion

Reunion Gala

October 16, 2004

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Class of 1954
50th Reunion

Nicky Zemo; Steve Webster in background

Mike Carpenter, Nancy & John Sleeman, Shirley Dutton Hairston

David & Donna Blackstone, Karen Kenerick Davidson; background: Bill Dale, Bill McDonald (Smith)

Bills Dale & McDonald, Jim Davidson, Barbara Smith McDonald

Our President, Jack Hailman. "I was lost but now am found. . ." Background: Shirley & Tom Hairston, X, Walter Gold

Jim Davidson, Mary Lou Gatewood Johnson, Barbie Smith McDonald

Patricia Dorney and Annie McCormack Stanton

Sandra Seymour Sheppard, Shirley & Tom Hairston, Nancy Ash Duvall Barbara Ausland McCeney

Nancy Duvall and Sue Birthright Williams

Hon. Thomas Penfield Jackson, Grace Manley Machanic, Sandy Seymour Sheppard

Good old Tom Jackson and Carole Bowie Magnusson

Linda Thornton McKelvey Wolfeand Sandy Seymour

Shirley Dutton, Annie McCormack, Linda Thornton, Sandy Seymour, & Sue Birthright: Kids of Ocean City

Grace Machanic, Nancy Duvall

Claire Wolford

Sue Birthright

K. O. C.

KOC adding Barbara Ausland and Sue Stokes Ardinger

Yvonne Rogers Knauff, Dick Hottel, x

Bill Johnston. . .fearful of rain inside

B-CC new2 Building and new2 main entry

Yvonne Rogers and Walter Gold

Jack Hailman

Nancy Duvall, Tom Carmichael, Claire Wolford

Bob Kayser

Dr. Stewart Bushong

Glendon and Verm Rowell

The long-suffering Betty Stephens Bushong, Nancy Duvall, Miss Ann Fullerton

Slow camera, the quickest teacher: Ann Fullerton

Ann Fullerton, Jack Hailman, Lou Gatewood, Ann Langer Baker

Carole Bowie

Stewart Bushong: just before scheduled dose of medicine

Stewart seeking counsel from real doctor, Chuck Duvall

Walter and Bobbie Gold

Brooks Goldman

Dean Koth

David and Donna Blackstone flanking Helen and Tom Carmichael

x & Kim Brown McIlhenny

Barbie Ausland

Karen & Nancy

John Sleeman, Mike Carpenter

Ann Fullerton (nee "Miss Fullerton, ma'm")

Ann Fullerton and students: Blackistones and Davidsons: "Xylem up and Phloem down. . . .or was it the other way around."

Peg Blumberg Wireman, Stewart, Pastor Harold Horan; there went the neighborhood

Dutton, Manley, Carlson
Thanks to Chuck Duvall who has provided these photos and captions.