TAP (Time for Academic Progress) Continues to Help Students at All Levels

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Students from all grades and with GPAs from below 2.0 to above 3.5 have visited TAP at B-CC this school year, reported TAP coordinator Stacy Farrar at the Foundation’s March board meeting.

TAP, B-CC High School’s only after-school academic support program, is funded entirely by the Foundation from donations from the B-CC community — current and former B-CC families, alumni, friends, townships, and local businesses. It offers sessions on English, Math, Science, and Social Studies (new this school year), all staffed by B-CC teachers.

According to Ms. Farrar, students have made more than 800 visits to TAP at B-CC so far this school year, with two-thirds of the visits accounted for by sophomores and juniors. Math continues to be in highest demand, with students seeking help in subjects ranging from Algebra and Geometry to AP Calculus and AP Statistics. Almost 60% of the Math visits were for Pre-Calculus and Honors Algebra.

Find out more about TAP and other Foundation-funded programs at https://bccedfoundation.org/about-the-foundation/funded-projects/.