B-CC Class of 1963

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The Way We Were:  Our B-CC Years



cheering for B-CC

Mr Damron & band

B-CC at Chelton

Bethesda circa 1963

Taylor, Carson, Watts


activities calendar

the pine tree emblem

executive committee

class delegates

band cabinet

Rolle & Badger

chemistry class

chemistry lab

Myint & Harwood

Mr Olinger

Mr Downtown & Rolle

Miss Dorothy Young

majorettes & flag twirlers


baseball team

football team

golf team

tennis team

cross country team

prom princesses

one-act play night

Strickland & Browdy

Ronnie Cameron

David Wilson

Bryant Agnew

Lanny Hunt

Justine Cahn

Dale Heiges

Miss Howe's Chemistry Class
w/Mel Mann, Ben Ho, and Signe Ecklund


Post-B-CC Years
20th & 40th Reunions
Class Gift
Cancun Trip
45th Reunion


Our 20th & 40th Reunions

20th reunion-1

20th reunion-2

40th reunion cmte

Arthur Goldberg

Thomas G Turner

Thanks to Jeffrey Stuart who has provided the above photos.


Presentation of the Class Gift on Awards Night, May 26, 2004

In the auditorium

Presenting the Class Gift

With Principal Katy Harvey

Outside the auditorium

In front of the Donors Plaque

The Donors Plaque


In 2005, nine of us went to Cancun to celebrate our 60th birthday....

Pictures by Kitty Moran Adams


Our 45th Reunion
September 27, 2008, Woman's Club of Bethesda

Click here to see 45th reunion photos by Bob Davidson

Click here to see 45th reunion photos by Diogo Teixeira


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