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To get in touch with classmates who posted messages below, or to leave messages for classmates, please e-mail us at alums@bccedfoundation.org. Be sure to give name and year of classmates and your name and year. Messages posted here include those from the Guest Book on the B-CC HS website. Please check the B-CC HS website for more details.


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Year Last Name First Name Messages
1937 Dawson Grail On 12/22/05 at 17:08:
I would love to hear from any remaining survivors of the Class of '37. Please email me. Grail Dawson
1937 MacLeod Donald On 3/6/02:
I was in the class of 1937. I have pleasant memories of BCCHS. My early school day were at Rosmeary Elementary School on Meadow Lane in Chevy Chase.... Then to Leland Jr. High and onto the days at BCCHS.



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Miller Glenn H. On 9/27/02 at 6:59:32pm:
As a member of the first class to go through the "old" building (class of 1938), I'm certainly impressed with the new one. I would love to hear from any of the people who attended in my era, if there be such around. Email
1939 Bauersfeld S. Richard On 4/28/09 at 7:47pm:
"I am writing about my father, S. Richard Bauersfeld, who recently passed away. He was a graduate of B-CC. He may have been known as Dick Bauersfeld. I know that he was on the baseball team, ping pong team and possible involved in other clubs and groups. I am looking for anyone who may remember him and would be able to share with me some of their memories. My family is looking to have a gathering in the Dc area in the future and I would love to know more about my dad and what he was like in high school." – Irene Bauersfeld
1943 Graham Elizabeth

On 4/25/14 at 11:38am:
Hello Class of 1943! I am looking for two classmates I haven't heard from in a long time. Hope to hear from someone. They are: Dottie Lee Miller and Calvin (Sunny)Baldwin, both in my class of 1943. This is Betty Graham, now retired and living in Mill Valley, CA just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Do call if you are in the area or respond to this message. All the best, Elizabeth (Betty) Graham

1943 Terhune Donn L. On 9/3/03 at 13:28:14 EDT
I'd like to send greetings to all my classmates-my parents moved to NJ in summer of '41 and I didn't have the opportunity to say "goodbye".
Years at B.E.S., Leland and BCC were wonderful wish I could have made the 1993 Reunion. Live in The Villages, Florida have seen Junie and Bob Brewer recently; but sure miss seeing you gals!!! Hi Gloria, wonder if you remember me?
1943 Sherman Gloria (Glo) Eisele On 1/1/03 at 17:13:50:
Would love to hear from any of my 1943 classmates. This website is great.
1945 Knight David P On 12/18/02 at 17:50:23:
Before our 50th reunion I was on the ISO list. But I learned of the reunion and attended when our first football team was honored. Following that reunion I have slowly lost touch with classmates I had seen and met again for the first time in 50 years. Would like to know if there are any others from '45 in touch with the Foundation and if there is any talk of possibly a 60th reunion. That's two years away, but, what the heck, might as well plan ahead!
1945 Lovett Jocelyn On 12/18/02 at 07:54:24:
Please add my name to 1945 class. I would be interested in receiving any news of my classmates and reunions.
1948 Niemeyer  Robert T. On 10/29/03 at 08:43:12am:
Am looking for e-mail address for Patricia Compher. Can anyone help me?
1948 Broumas John On 6/25/02 at 1:21:51pm:
Can we have a reunion of the class of 1948?











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Beasley Steven E. On 12/22/02 at 02:22:06pm:
As a member of the class of 1949, I would love to hear from any of the people who attended BCC then. Names of some: Roger Kohin,Walter Farrar, Bob Mason, Vincent Guandolo, Jane Bradley, Patricia Ryan, Fred Schmitt, Richard Beckwith. I live in California, have a son and twin daughters, love ballroom dancing, work out every day, and am managing editor of an international magazine. Went into the U. S. Navy for the whole Korean War, worked at NIH and at the University of Southern California, and had many exciting experiences, including a tour with the U. S. Air Force Auxiliary as a search and rescue pilot.
For 25 years I have been consulting to high tech companies that are going through change, and to their upper level people to help them through career transitions. Some of my writing has appeared in the Baltimore Sun.
In 2000 in a journalistic adventure, I visited Spain, France, and Morocco for a month. One interest I have is what we can learn from history. I had the great experience of video-filming archaeological sites in Israel [Megiddo, Haifa, old Jerusalem, Jericho, Jaffo, Masada, the Negev Desert]. I have also made many cultural visits to Scotland, England, France, and Italy.
Steven Beasley B-CC Class of 1949
e-mail: careergrowth1@juno.com
1947-58     On 7/16/04 at 8:57am:
Cathy (Page) Raphael '60 wants to be contacted by any former students of ANN FULLERTON, B-CC biology teacher from 1947-1958, who wish to help celebrate her birthday next year. TOP SECRET - a SURPRISE. Don't let cat out of bag, please. We are collecting photocopies of high school pictures of individuals along with a one-sided note to Ms. Fullerton to be pasted in her memory album. Please contact Cathy in Delaware at 302 368 3969 or email her.
1950 Stroud Shirley On 10/11/04 at 14:51:
I am looking for Shirley Stroud, who probably graduated in 1950 or 1951.
I met her when we both worked for Encyclopedia Americana in Bethesda, Maryland. Lost track after she married a William Proctor a navy person. Did any one know her in high school?
Suzann Sidman Maddy

1950 Harris Jay On 9/3/02 at 8:17:13am:
Hi-graduated class of 50. Was back two years ago while campus was under reconstruction. Anyone out there from 1950? I live in Florida now.
1951     On 11/05/05 at 23:48:19:
I found a class ring 54 years ago. It's a 1951 class ring the middle is black with a tree in it. If you lost your ring that long ago this could be it!!
Thanks Linda
1951     On 8/1/04 at 13:36:29:
I am looking for a 1951 graduate of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School whose initials are J. U., I believe. I have a class ring that was found many years ago and would like to return it to the owner; I'm sure they'd love to have it back after all these years! Cindy Strock

1951 Downs Paula Sterling On 1/13/03 at 06:41:56:
S. Richard (Dick) Sheppard (class of 1951) died August 17, 2002 due to complications of Alzheimer's Disease. He is survived by his spouse Ona Sheppard, 2 daughters and 11 step-children. Address: 919 South Pine Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362
1952 Towne William

On 3/9/2013 at 12:51:
After the death last Fall of Patricia, my wife of 54 years, I have decided on a series of automobile journeys in 2013 to mark the final year of my eighth decade.
In May & June I expect to travel from my home in Chapel Hill, NC westward to Memphis, TN (where my youngest daughter lives) and then north to Minneapolis where I hope to find a few relatives as well as to visit the graves of my maternal grandparents. Later, in August & September, I will travel up the east coast to DC, NYC and Boston to re-discover old haunts and fond memories in the places I have lived.
Both journeys have leisurely time schedules and I would welcome spending lunch or dinner with those within a few hours off the beaten track who might enjoy catching up as old friends. I would also be delighted to hear from any and all classmates whether or not you live North of I-40 and East of I-35.

Please email William Towne, BCC Class of 1952

1952 Pancorvo Eduardo On 5/12/03 at 8:47:41pm:
I am very excited, after 51 years, to know about BCC High School, I graduated in the Class 1951-52, and I still remember gratefuly, some names, as Geraldine Haag, Jack Parlato, and Doris Malatesta. I also have seen the new building, which is beautiful. I would be very glad, if after so many years I could get in touch by E.Mail with some of the classmates. Congratulations. Eduardo.
1952 Tankersley Charles H. On 12/13/02 at 10:28:51am:
I would love to hear from my old classmates and teachers, too, if they are still with us. I graduated in 1952, attended college for one year then served in the US ARMY Medical Service before returning to college in Oklahoma. I am retired from Engineering field and now work as a web master, IRC network administrator, and volunteer helper for the largest computer users organization in the world. Please feel free to e-mail me or visit my web site at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~chtank/index.html
1953 Calvert Ruth Corcoran On 12/11/02 at 2:20pm:
Our class of 1953 is rolling along with our plans for our 50th over the May 16, 2003 weekend at Pooks Hill Marriott. Hate to be out of town but ours is a three day event and with the Naval medical officer's club closed, where we have previously been, it is the next best place. Our classmates are slowly but surely reserving to be a part of this special occasion. We are hoping to have a tour of the renovated school on Saturday of that weekend if all goes well. Plus there will be a golf tournament planned too on Saturday. Fun, fun. We are hoping to give the school a class gift too. Not sure what nor how much yet.
1953 Heflin Wilma Reiber On 12/11/02 at 7:15:41am:
Love this site! Look forward to seeing classmates at the reunion in May 2003.
1953 Phillips Eleanor On 7/15/02 at 6:35:28pm:
I'm very proud of what the B-CC community has done with the school. The physical plant looks great, and the improved academic programs and results are encouraging. I hope that B-CC will once again be a leader.
  Benson Robert (Bob) On 8/20/03 at 12:03:29:
My father, Robert "Bob" Benson, attended B-CC during this time I believe. I do not know what his graduating class was, but I assume it was the early 50's going by his date of birth. I would like to somehow get in contact with anyone who may know his graduating year, and maybe if they would like to share a little information on how he was back then.
He passed away when I was 6, and I do not know very much about how he was then.
I am not looking for anything long (although that is fine too [:-)] ), just some information or a little bit of someone's memory on how he was back then or what he did. Thanks so much for any help.
-Kristina Benson
1955 Hoover Paula Kathleen Slone

Paula Slone Hoover, nee Paula kathleen Slone, Class of 1955, passed away April 18, 2009 at home. Husband Richard Hoover, Sr. (BCC class of 51) would like to contact Paula’s classmates.
Please contact:
Richard Hoover, Sr.
Email: rhooversr@comcast.net

1955 Morris Willard "Bill" On 11/14/04 at 12:21:13
I'd be glad to receive an e-mail from anybody who remembers me.
1955 Bullis Judy Taggart On 4/10/04 at 15:45:13:
Our 50th reunion year is approaching and it's not too soon to begin planning for it. I have been involved with every reunion we've had except for one, and I'll gladly put forth some effort to plan a great Big Five O! Bob and Lois Gawler, where are you?? At one time you had the most current addresses and phone numbers in a data base. Please contact me: Judy Taggart Bullis
1955 Best John H. On 3/21/04 at 11:41:14:
I would like some information on the 50 year reunion plans. Or would like any response from any classmates of that class year. Thank you. My email address
1956 Merryman Charles B.

On 2/2/05 at 12:09:45:
This is to let you know that Charles B. Merryman, Jr. (B-CC class of 1956) died on January 29, 2005. He has had cancer for several years. Classmates and friends can make contributions in his memory to the American Cancer Society. Thomas H. King, Jr., B-CC class of 1954

1956 Kenney Jim On 1/9/04 at 18:12:09(PST)
My name is Jim Kenney. I only attended BCC for one year and graduated in 1956. My father was a Navy doctor stationed at Bethesda Navy Hospital. BCC was the third high school I attended in one year. The other two were located in Philadelphia, PA and Jacksonville, FL. I loved BCC and enjoyed the people I met there. I played football although not very well.
After school I joined the Navy, qualified in submarines and was attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School at Bainbridge Naval Station in MD when I was hurt in a football game. Lots of reconstructive surgery and then I was out of the Navy and a student at University of Maryland. Thought I'd never graduate, but did and had a wonderful time. Active on campus and in the fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Commissioned in the Air Force with assignments in Spain, Germany and stateside in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Tour in Vietnam and then out and spent a career as an FBI agent stationed in Buffalo, New York City, Fort Lauderdale and San Antonio, TX.
Retired and have been the owner of a worldwide private investigative company since retirement. Met one BCC graduate in my travels. BCC was a heck of a school, which left me with a lot of good memories from having attended for such a short time.
1956 Wilbourn Priscilla Snow On 3/15/03 at 11:23:07pm:
I graduated from B.C.C. in 1956.
1957 Chang Meris On 4/28/08 at 12:32pm:
The Class of 1957 Reunion Committee is planning to hold the next reunion in April/May 2010. Many people felt that waiting for 5 or 10 years between reunions was too long to wait to be together again. This is why the Committee thought that two and a half years would be a nice amount of time between reunions. Please email the Reunion Committee at bccclass1957@yahoo.com for more information.
1957 Chang Meris On 9/13/05 at 21:42:58:
Now there is a much simpler way to access the B-CC Class of 1957 website -- just use BccClass1957.com to get to it.
More people are registering on the website every day. Their profiles telling what they have done since graduation only confirm the tremendous diversity of our class in their vocations and their avocations.
I encourage all 1957 alumni to check in and check out this terrific source of information about the Fiftieth Reunion which will be in October, 2007. It will give you an opportunity to reconnect with old friends with whom you have lost touch and develop new friends with whom you find you share common interests that developed after graduating from B-CC.
(Ms.) Meris Chang, member, B-CC Class 1957 Reunion Committee
1957 Chang Meris On 7/5/05 at 06:11:30am:
Greetings to the Class of 1957. Our Fiftieth Reunion activity is picking up.The Reunion Committee has had two meetings so far and will have our third one on July 19.
We have a class website started at:
We also have an email address: bccclass1957@yahoo.com More details on the Reunions page.
1957 Sheldon James D. (1939-2003)

On 12/11/03 at 01:16:50 -0800 (PST):
My dad was James D. Sheldon and he was in the class of 1957 at B-CC. I would like to let his classmates know that James D. Sheldon passed away just a few months ago due to a failure in his system. My father was pretty healthy for the most part of his life, but he just started feeling terrible for the last ten days of his life.
James D. Sheldon would always talk about his days in high school and I would like anybody else that recalls my dad to let me know what they know about him.
I can recall when he told me about a so-called cool guy passing out in biology class due to examine a frog this would have been either in 1956 or 1957. He even told me a story about how he was on the track team.
If you have any information on James D. Sheldon please email me Jessica Sheldon

1957 Morgan Doug On 2/19/03 at 4:47:09pm:
Any '57 alumni that read this, please advise if we have a class point of contact. Thanks.
1957 Ani Malak On 10/3/02 at 4:10:24pm:
The new look is overwhelming. The last time I passed by the school was in January 2001. It was still under construction. Hope the next time I am in the States to visit. Still remember and love the old building, it had class! Does anyone from the class of 1957 have any news on Fran Schow???? of Margaret Lovejoy - class of 1958??? Please advise.
1958 Higgins Fran On 9/21/04 at 7:25am:
1958 graduates who did not receive notification of last year's 45th Reunion please contact Fran Higgins
1958 Class of 1958   On 10/2/03 at 22:21:18 EDT:
For information on the Class of '58, activities, Reunions, to contact classmates, to receive an email directory or a Memorial list, contact us at BaronNet58@aol.com
1958 Elo Peggy Reed On 4/2/03 at 8:17pm:
I am interested in having former classmates contact me. I also would like my name added to any class roster being kept. I went to B-CC for 10th and 11th grades, and would have graduated in the Class of 58. My name at that time was Peggy Reed (formal name Margaret Reed). I am an analyst at the City of San Jose in CA. I would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in writing and to be informed of any future reunions. Thank you so much. Please contact me.
1958 Holmes Marilyn Miller On 12/14/02 at 12:19pm:
My e-mail address

On 6/15/02 at 5:27:30pm:
Want to give info about me to HS for class of 1958. Looking for info on Lynn Weitzel, Marinel Alvis Mobley, and Becky Gates Rose all in class of 1958. Thank you.

1959 Shore Kay On 11/27/05 at 04:37:04:
Hello - We're looking for Ginger Moore - Class of 1959. Anyone know of her whereabouts?
This is Kay Shore, class of 1959. Please contact us. Thanks
1959 Moritz Kirstin Shafer On 12/18/04 at 17:36:34:
I am looking for Ken Millard, Sheila Stahl, Linda McGinty, and Carol Haenni.
I am now retired to Falmouth, Massachusetts from many years as an administrator at various universities. I have two daughters, a grandson with another about to be born, and have remarried at age 60 to Rod Hinkle. We are retired
together on Cape Cod.
I would love to hear from anyone from my class.
I was in the orchestra under Mr. Petranek and I really recall Mr. Metcalf, the math teacher.
My email address
1959 Bello Gloria Smith On 5/2/03 at 11:23:28am:
This web site is great. I am in the class of 1959, the year that the "old" library was built. We had our 40th class reunion in 1999. My daughter and I explored the high school during demolition. I am anxious to see the new one in 2004 at our 45th. I live in Louisiana now. Many fond memories at B-CC. I was on the Pom Pon squad. Is there still such a thing? I have a suggestion. Is there a way that the school could have a contact section so that grads coud find a contact person regarding a class reunion? Many students may want to attend but do not know who to contact. That would be a shame for them to miss seeing old friends. Thanks.
1959 Eaton Eugene D. "Jerry", Jr. On 1/26/03 at 12:36:35
If others wish to contact me the information for the CLASSMATES page is: bentarrow@gci.net




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Jones Samuel S [PVTC] On 1/9/03 at 15:17:52:
Just a note to my classmates in the Class of 1959 that the new B-CC is really great! Great teachers as well a great new facility. I have two daughters at B-CC in 2002-03, a 12th grader (Basia Jones) and 10th grader (Krisia Jones). I am a stockbroker/financial consultant at Smith Barney Inc. in downtown D.C. Call toll-free 800-424-3209 ext. 5462 or 202-857-5462.

1960 Bond Howard On 1/15/05 at 18:58:44:
Dear classmates of 1960: I have set up a web page that has news and information about classmates and teachers from those wonderful days at B-CC. You can point your browser to http://www.stsci.edu/~bond/bcc
1960 Ramage Jim On 12/6/04 at 19:23:35:
Posting for Jim Ramage from Hank Miller: Hey boy, where are you and what are you up to other than no good?
Hank Miller, Jr.
Greenbrae, CA
1960 Rostedt Joan Robey On 1/13/03 at 15:33:34:
I am interested in having former classmates contact me. I graduated from B-CC in 1960. My name at that time was Joan Robey, nicknamed Kit, and I would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in writing. Thanks so much.
1961 Weiss Sandy On 1/25/08 at 10:27am:
Please visit the Class of 1961 website at http://www.webstoriches.net/bcc/bcc61.htm. See the Reunion Section for more information about the 50th reunion in 2011.
1962 Pollack Bonnie Mogelever On 1/13/11 at 8:47am:
I presently live in Frederick, Maryland and would welcome hearing from members of the 1962 class, Bonnie Mogelever Pollack
I also have a facebook page under the same exact name.
1962 Trueblood Jocelyn

On 12/11/10 at 3:06pm:
I am interested in working on the1962 reunion in 2012 and would also enjoy hearing from other classmates.
Jocelyn Trueblood '62

1962 Popescu Susan Armiger On 8/1/10 at 10:29pm:
I was Susan Armiger in the class of 1962, Graduated from the George Washington University (1966, Romance Languages) and The Catholic University of America (1971, Library Science). Retired from Montgomery County Public Schools, I live with my husband in Bethesda. My name now is Susan Popescu. Would love to hear from classmates. You can contact me on facebook or via email.
1962 Taylor Bill On 2/07/05 at 17:11:37:
I would have graduated with the class of '62 had our family not moved to California.
Have great memories of Mr. Bryant (History) Mr. Icangelo (Biology) and Mrs. Casey (English), great teachers all. Does anyone remember the stunning Miss Vick (typing)? I was only marginally involved with P.J. Dalla Santa's drama program (magic effects for Damn Yankees) but he seemed like a major character.
I've heard from Ann Bain, Rich Lane, Al Leisinger and John Dunton. Has anyone heard from or of Mary-Ellen Blanchette, Toby Chodoff, Ted Strickland, Margaret Kixmiller, or Merry Levering?
Best, Bill Taylor
1962 Collins Katie (Robinson) On 9/25/04 at 14:21:45:
I would have graduated in the class of 1962, but my parents moved to California in 1960. I would love to hear from any former classmates from Somerset Elementary, Leland Jr. High or B-CC from those years. I live in Olympia, Washington. Thanks, Katie (Robinson) Collins
l962 Bassett Bill On 2/19/03 at 7:10:19pm:
Living in Tennessee. Graduate of SEWANEE (THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH) and Tulane University. Hello to my Delt Fraternity Brothers--John Bassett and Neil Flemming. Let me know of any reunion activities for early to mid l960's.
1963 Stuart Jeff

On 1/21/06 at 18:22:52:
The reunion committee is trying to locate the following members of the Class of 1963. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Dale Heiges or Jeff Stuart:

Helen Arntson, Neil S. Bell, Ann C. Brobeck, Donna Brott, Cynthia Brown, Luis Casares, Laura Cates, Vuhidgrai Chertvervudhakas, Paula Conley, Ruth Conlon, Mary Conn, E. Roxanne Cox, Dana C. Cottrell, Donette Cowart, Stephen J. Craigen, Harris Dawson, Jane Demer, Bruce Dern, Dale Dorsett, Patricia Cornelia Ducy, Georgia Edwards, Gail Eisenman, Anna R Elkes, Cheryl C Epperson, Erik R.Fair, Emily Howe Favour, Roscoe E Fortner, Loren B.Gallup, Judy Galup, Michael (Joesph Patrick) Geary, Donald A.Gibbs, Maria Elvira Gonzales, John D. Gordon, Pamela Grant, David John Guest, James Guest, Kristi Gunberg, Mike John Hardesty, Katherine H.Harley, Evelyn Hope Harwood, Joe High, John Hiltpold, Mary Beth Huston, Frances Carol Issacs, Elayne Ann Jacobs, Margaret Jennings, Priscilla Elaine Jennings, Thomas Patrick Kennedy, Kenneth. Gay Key, Charles E. King, Peter Edward King, John Russell Kuppinger, Paulette A.Lamberti, Nancy Louise Lane, Richard Lewis, Kathryn Anne Marshall, Sally A. Marvin, Julianne McDonald, Joan Marie McTernan, James Lester Merson, Flora B. Moseley, Phyllis Moss, Kin May Myint, Myaing Myint, Michael Joseph Nesbit, Susan Brigid O'Donoghue, Christine Opal, Anne Pellow, Ann Pollard, Donald Qualls, John Philip Ruppert, Marcia Russell, Kristina Ingrid Sampson, Carol Jean Shoemaker, Susan Singer, Carolyn Sue Slocum, Juan Souper, Patrick Joseph Walsh, Carolyn Ward, Mary Helen Weaver, Susan Weldon, David Williams, William Wilson, Donna L Wolfe, Sharon Zeitvogel.

1963 Stuart Jeffrey On 12/10/05 at 18:06:05:
I am looking for Lynn Strickland Grace class of 63, and Bruce Stevenson, class of 63
Jeff Stuart
1963 Rowen Jim On 2/12/03 at 9:48:08pm
I am trying to find details of the deaths of two classmates, Jim Robinson and Ed Clark, both took place many years ago. If you have information, please let me know. Thank you very much, and hello to classmates who read this. JR
1963 May Margaret Wrenn On 1/18/03 at 8:40:20am:
I am a 1963 graduate of BCC and have been conversing with Jeffrey Stuart. Jeff pointed me to the Internet site for the school and told me about all the changes.
1963 Pioso Michael W. On 1/17/03 at 23:04:19:
Anyone know what happened to Tom Kennedy, Class of 1963? Much thanks.
1963 Congdon Bill On 10/4/02 at 8:42:27pm:
(E-mail address)
1964/5 Erickson Sue

On 1/26/06 at 13:02:07:
Sue Erickson - Class of ’65 but should have graduated in ’64, went to Leland with the gang who graduated in ’64. I played the violin and sang at school. Remember lunches watching Rich Hall, Steve Cutler and the Blankenships, shooting small ice cream spoons across the table (great sport!). Dad (and his job) moved us to Sweden at the end of my 9th grade year and I returned to the area in ’64, hence the rejoining of the class of ’65 for graduation. I have loved seeing the reunion photos of the class of ’64, and actually recognize a lot of you and absolutely remember all of your names. I went to American University (where I reconnected with Rich Hall as he married one of my roommates), worked for the CIA, then private industry for years and in ’80 moved back to the federal world, with employment at DESCOM and now DISA in Chambersburg PA. I have two wonderful sons, born in Russia, and adopted as youngsters. We are experiencing the teenage things and loving the sports they participate in. Life is good but it’s difficult to think that I am approaching 60. I still maintain my heart in Bethesda and love returning to visit old haunts.
Sue Erickson McCarl

1964 Levin Charles J. On 7/30/05 at 18:43:39:
Hello to all of you in my class. I live in Tampa, Florida, and have practiced law here since graduating from Florida State Law School in 1972. My twin brother, Marty, lives in Bethesda and is an endodontist with his office at the Barlow Building. You can learn more about me at www.landlordlaw.com. I hope to hear from you. Thank you, Charles J. Levin
1964 Misanik Larry On 1/14/03 at 5:17:59pm:
Graduated class of 1964. Just wanted to know how everybody is and what you all are doing?
1964 Holscher Montague Sue On 12/14/02 at 6:06:45am:
I would like to find Mike Baldez or Richard Ferguson, both of class of 1963. Anyone who know of them please let me know.
1965 Ducat Glenn

On 8/2/14 at 4:23pm:
A reunion celebrating the 50 years since our graduation is being planned. To get on the email list for information, please send an email to gadzero@yahoo.com.

1965 Marshall

Siebee On 3/14/03 at 15:05:26:
I've been living in the Wheeling, W.Va.-St. Clairsville, OH area since graduation from Salem (WV) College in 1969. Our class will soon celebrate it's 40th! Pat Sondheimer Maskell is interested in the reunion and I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. I'd love to hear from classmates! Siebee
1966 Scovill John On 3/14/10 at 7:39pm:
This is John Scovill, class of '66. I'd like to get in touch with classmates. I'm in touch with Damian O'Connor and recall Debbie Vollmer, Emile Posey, Steve Silber, Julie Oliver, Bill Wiesburgh, Juanita Nye. I'm in Facebook and welcome contact from any of you. John Scovill
1967 Murphy Tim On 10/14/03 at 1:19:50pm:
Hello from a BCC graduate, class of 1967. Your web site looks great and the new facility is quite a change from the BCC I remember from my years there (65-67). I have not been back in the old neighborhood since the early 70's and probably would not recognize it now. Hope your students are enjoying their high school years as much as I did and I wish them all the best in their future plans. Regards
1967 Siegmann Steve On 8/25/02 at 9:03:38pm:
I hope you are putting some of those old bricks in the walk way so that the oldsters have a way of connecting with times long long agooo.....
1967 Hatley Les On 7/5/02 at 4:56:11pm:
I really need to visit the new BCC !!! Nice [B-CC HS] website!
1968 Kalir Henry On 10/26/05 at 23:43:50:
Hi, I'm Henry (Nickie) Kalir. Even though I didn't attend BCCHS, I did attend Leland Jr High (7th grade) in 1962/3 after which my parents moved away, and I graduated in 1968 from another HS. I would guess that many of my 7th grade classmates went on to BCCHS, and graduated at the same time I did.
I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who attended Leland (my understanding is that it no longer exists).
People I recall were Buzzie, Oliver, Kenny Isenberg, Bruce Monroe, Gloria Pando.
Best to all, and hope to hear from as many of you as I can.
Henry (Nickie, as I was known then) Kalir
1968 Fredricks Gordon On 8/17/02 at 5:04:18am:
Hello from a 1968 grad. What a time that was! Maybe the best. Living in Florida for the past 29 years. Been back a few times. Will visit again soon to see new campus. Anyone know what happenned to Kerry Ward. What a teacher, coach and friend!! E-mail me. Thanks and have a great year!!!


Kelley Sarah Jane (Janie Wilson) On 8/13/02 at 9:52:16am:
I graduated in 1968, and live in Silver Spring. Do you remember Mr. Colson? He owns a coffee shop in the Kentlands in Gaithersburg, drop in and see him, he looks the same.




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Capron Seth On 6/19/04 at 19:18:06 EDT:
I am still living in Aromas in rural Central California, where I landed a year after we graduated from B-CC. My wife Jane and I have two daughters, and the eldest, Hilary, is off to MIT as a freshman in the fall. Jane is a potter and I'm the Construction Program manager for an affordable housing nonprofit. Is there any plan for a 35 year reunion or smaller get together?
1970 Rochlin David On 5/1/06 at 13:03:57:
I am helping to organize a mini-class reunion for the class of 1970. We are probably going to have two or three events June 10-12. Classmates are encouraged to send their contact information to me. I'm compiling a directory of names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.
1970 Nelson Mary Anne On 6/14/04 at 18:38:39:
My name was Mary Anne Nelson, class of '70. I am now living with my husband John Buttrick in Phoenix,AZ. Would love to hear from Robin Bissell. Does anyone know how to contact her? Please email me.
1971 Johnson Barbra

On 11/2/06 at 9:00pm:
To: Class of 1971
Re: Web page for our classmates
Please use the following web address http://classreport.org/usa/md/bethesda/bcchs/1971/
that will direct you to a web page created for our class of 1971. It is easy to access and when you get there you can add your personal information.
I encourage all of classmates to go to this site and register. Please use this site as a way to contact your old classmates and see what everyone is up to. We have classmates across the globe and it is interesting to see where we went and what we did after high school.
The web page also has information about our upcoming reunion that will be held in September, 2007. So please register on this site and refer back to it often to see what is going on.
See you at the reunion!!

1971 Brooks Ken On 12/6/05 at 21:55:23:
Merry Christmas to all
This will be our 35th year as alumni - where did we all go? What a group. We lived through such a wonderful time in history.
Ken Brooks 1971
1971 Nutter Forrest W. Jr. On 7/13/05 at 19:10:45
Hi, I am interested in contacting a 1971 graduate whose name is Patricia (Patti) Beathum (could be Beetham).
My name is Forrest (Woody) Nutter and we were friends our freshman and sophomore years (1971-1973) at the University of Maryland. Can anyone help me locate Patti ??
Thanks, Forrest W. Nutter, Jr.
1971 Mavity Katie (then "Kate") On 11/29/02 at 8:54:42am:
Class of '71. I have just received the B-CC book. Please don't let me miss the reunion for 1971; I will do my best to attend even though I've lived in England for 20 years. I wish I had made more friends at B-CC.
1971 McRostie Richard On 11/21/02 at 2:54:59am:
I attended BCC in 68-69 and then moved to CA. Would have graduated in 1971. Any reunions for 71 planned?
1971 Bloomquist Bill On 11/9/02 at 6:05:03pm:
haven't seen the new campus yet, but I am grateful the original Ad building is still there. Still waiting to see if the '71 class is going to have a reunion. I would like to see how y'all are doing. I am still in AV and own my own biz. Since projectors are a thing of history, I had to switch to computers. I look forward to hearing from my classmates and hope you all are well.
1971 Bailey Laura Lang On 9/6/02 at 1:02:02pm:
I stumbled on this website while searching for some elementary school reading lists...saw a site for Chevy Chase. I grew up in Chevy Chase and graduated from BCC in 1971. I am now married and live in Birmingham, Alabama. I work for Vulcan Materials Co.-nation's largest aggregate producer. Saw the new school picture-looks fabulous. I'm planning a trip back east later this month and may plan to drive through Wash DC area. Have a question....is there any kind of upcoming reunion?
1971 Alibrando Julie On 7/9/02 at 4:02:49pm:
Getting the zipcode for an application I am filling out. Glad to see you finally got a new building. Your [B-CC HS] website is wonderful. See you soon. Julie
1972 Busch Mary Ryan (now M. Ryan Poston) 12/27/03 at 9:47a.m.
1972 graduate: Too long to remember names without yearbook but would love to hear from folks. Moved away eleven years ago but visit family often.
1972 Hill Charles On 9/1/02 at 1:51:23pm:
Just want to say hello to all of those that are from the class of 72. Happy 30th. Would like to hear from anyone who was on the track or cross country team. Thanks.

On 9/2/02 at 11:28:50am:
[B-CC HS] web site looks great. I've been living in Georgia for the last 22 years, would like to hear from anyone who has kept in touch with Kerry Ward or any of the members of track and cross country teams from 70 to 72 . E-mail me. Thanks.

1973 Drehmer Tim On 8/28/05:
To B-CC Class of 1973, my email address has changed. My new email address. I would love to hear from my classmates.
Tim Drehmer, B-CC Class of 1973
1973 Brady Neil

On 5/26/04 at 14:42:20 -0500:
I graduated in 1973. I am looking for the old Humpback Rocks Gang - Dan Taylor ('73), Jim Seale ('73), Robo Kendall ('74), Glen Hutton ('74), Bruce Wood ('73). Please contact me. I am now in Dallas. 972 578-9237

1973 Crisler William (Bill) On 1/13/03 at 22:30:52:
I missed the twentieth reunion, however I'm planning on attending the thirtieth reunion, so see you all there. I moved to Va. Beach, Va. two years ago with wife and son. Still working as a carpenter though. Hope to see old friends and converse about new news. Hope everyone is well and in good spirits. sincerely yours, Bill
1973 Anselmo Delia On 12/31/02 at 8:27:46pm:
Would love to hear from classmates (Class of '73) and any others who may remember, especially from track and cross country teammates, fellow "soldiers" during the Kerry Ward wars. My family and I live in Connecticut. The B-CC web site is wonderful.
1973 Drehmer Timothy J. MD On 1/1/03 at 4:46:06pm:
This message is to all of the members of the BCC wrestling team from the class of 1973. I spoke to Bill Marks a few months ago, and he and I thought it might be fun to get the team together at some point during the reunion. Does any one have any ideas? If so, please contact me via Email.

On 12/30/02 at 6:26:55pm:
I graduated from BCC in 1973 (Hello Milly and Dan). I just found this site - the BCC home page, and am looking for information regarding the 30 year reunion. I have lost touch with many for my BCC friends, but I look forward to renewing these friendships soon. I was on the wrestling team and was active in the music department. Feel free to Email with any information.

1973 Gellman Linda Eisman On 12/24/02 at 12:55:14am:
I hope to see many of the faces of the past for out 30th reunion. The old school looks amazing however, remember it was our class that made them close the Chelton Street Steps! Such fond memories.
1973 McLean Milly On 12/16/02 at 3:49:16pm:
Congratulations to Mr. Biedron on his retirement, one of BCC's best teachers when I went there (Class of '73). I still remember his lectures on the Holocaust. Greetings from Providence, R.I., where Dan Waugh (also Class of '73) and I have lived for many years and raised a family.
1974 Davidson Tom On 3/25/09 at 10:31am
Fellow Alumni of the Class of ’74 – I would be interested in hearing from you, especially if you’d like to join me on a Facebook group for our class. Please let me know:
my email address.
1974 Gilbert Mitch On 9/27/05 at 7:52p.m.:
We are less than one month away! Don't forget to call or sign up at:
Welcome to Back To School Reunions!
1974 Mammarella James (Max)

On 6/3/04 at 21:29:59:
Aloha all you 40-somethings! Those were the days, my friends! Who remembers when the Chinese Ping Pong Team came and performed an amazing exhibition in our gym - - the Cold War was still on, but that maniac Nixon was bent on thawing relations with Red China. This is one of the more striking memories I could dredge up, y'all. These days I'm in NYC-New England, still fling the frisbee, now with my teenage kids.
Where is everyone? Or for that matter, any one of you? Tantalizing clues welcome.
Cheerio - - contact me if you dare.

1974 Harting Don On 6/25/03 at 18:51:17:
I went to Rosemary Elementary School on Meadow Lane and Leland Junior High School through the ninth grade before moving out of state due to family problems. Would have been a member of BCC Class of 1974. Would like to re-establish contact with my classmates and friends from Leland to share memories and recollections. Would be interested in learning about plans for a 30th reunion of BCC Class of 1974, if plans are underway for 2004. Also would like to find someone who has a copy of the Leland yearbook for 1970 or 1971.
Matt Liebman, a member of our class at Leland, and a neighbor on Shepherd Street in Chevy Chase, ended up also being a classmate at Harvard. Didn't see much of him there, though.
I played basketball with Quentin Gunther, John Rich, Jerry Widdicombe, Billy Caine, Jon Adler, Chuck Bagy, Jack ________, and Rex Edwards, managed by Mark Andersen. We were coached by Jay Breakiron. I ran the 880 in track coached by Mr. Rostkowski and Mr. Wrightson. In ninth grade my teachers included Ms. Rodolph for U.S. history, Breakiron for math, Erica Ritter (who later became Erica Morse) for English, Wrightson for gym and Tim Daniels for band. I played trumpet.
I also remember quite a few dances at the school and at the old youth center off Wisconsin Avenue. Our dances had names then -- the Mashed Potato, the Pony, the Shing-a-ling, the Hitchhiker, and the Swim. We must have looked ridiculous! But it was fun.
I returned to stroll around Bethesda a few years ago -- my how things have changed! I also checked out the site of our former building. Too bad they tore it down. Not because it was such a piece of architectural jewelry, but because we've kind of lost a central focal point for memories and meetings. Oh well.
In case any body's interested, the old short cut we used to take between the school and McDonald's -- the one that wound through the woods, between a copule houses, across the railroad tracks and up to East-West Highway south of the Topaz Hosue, well, it's still there! Despite all the growth and development. Not sure why, that just strikes me as amazing.
Cheers, and best wishes,
Don Harting, Syracuse, New York
1974 Hum Sovathary Sen On 11/6/02 at 11:34:01am:
I was class of 74 but graduated early in 73 due to going out of the country. I need to know if there is a reunion club or anything of this nature for class 73 & 74. Please let me know. Thank you.
1974 McCallum Michelle Kay On 12/18/02 at 15:50:46:
(Contact information)

1975 Genn Jonathan On 1/6/05 at 17:07:59:
It's that time again! The Class of 1975 gets to celebrate another reunion --- this time it's 30th!
If anyone is interested in participating in the planning, please contact me. Go Barons!
Jonathan M. Genn
Proud Senior Class President - Class of 1975
(Little did I know it was a term for life!)
1975 Evans Stacey On 2/26/03 at 10:48:39pm:
I grew up in the B-CC district and would have graduated from B-CC in 1975, but moved in my senior year. I would love to be in touch with many people. Some people in particular are Nancy Brynarski, Peggy Weiss and Joan Clark. We graduated between '74-76. You are welcome to post my name and my email on your web site.
1976 Minsek Susan

On 2/8/13 at 13:21:
I'm trying to track down US History Teacher Nancy Dyer. (might be Nancy Dyers) She was very special teacher to me. I still live in DC area.
If anyone has info, can you please let me know?
Susan Minsek

1976 Humphreys, RN BSN Bruce On 3/14/06 at 20:29:08:
I am reporting in from Bend, OR, where I have lived since 1981. My wife, Peggy, and I are getting ready to have our one and only child, Kaitlin, graduate from high school. It made me wonder if the Bicentennial Class of 1976 is having a 30th reunion. We would love to come back and see every one. I usually keep in touch with, Steve (Bear) Koenig, Pete McCloskey, and Walter Dunn. Feel free to drop me a line via email. Hope every one is doing well. Bruce
1976 McKay Margaret van der Linden On 3/20/05 at 22:08:17
It is with great sorrow that I report the death of my wife, Margaret van der Linden McKay, B-CC Class of 1976. Margaret died suddenly on March 9, 2005 of bacterial pneumonia. Her death notice was published in the Washington Post on March 11, 2005, with an obituary published in the Washington Post on March 13, 2005. The notice and guest book may be viewed online on www.washingtonpost.co    Ryan P. McKay
1976 Moak Mindy Ellen On 3/1/05 at 14:02:23:
Just wanted to check in and report that I have opened my own art gallery in New York City where I have been living for many years. See www.mmefineart.com for all the details and please tell Ed Mullaney that I send my love!
My email address
Hope all is well and thanks for all the wonderful work that you all do! Cheers, Mindy
1976 Vale John On 10/3/02 at 9:44:19pm:
Attended BCC way back in 1973-1975. Never graduated as the family moved back to Australia which is where I am writing this from. Can anyone please tell me what happened to Mr Esau Motovich who was an art teacher there in the seventies? Nice to see the old place even if it is only in pictures, wouldn't mind seeing it again for real someday.


Tomlinson Allen G. On 7/28/02 at 4:49:38pm:
Great Classmates! Great Teachers! Great Memories!
1977 Boast John On 5/15/06 at 19:04:27:
I attended Leland Junior High in 1970-73 when my father was posted to the Australian Embassy, Washington DC. I want to get in contact with classmates from that time as I intend travelling to the US in 2007 and want to visit Chevy Chase area again.
After finding Ed Mullaney’s slides on the web it was a real buzz to go down memory lane and have a laugh but the scary thing is that all those fashions are back!
I have also been told that had I stayed then, I would have been B-CC year of ’77. However I have lost all my yearbooks during one of our many moves around the world so I don't have any names etc. The ones I can remember are Phil Augustine, Louis Desipio & Meg Marshall.
After returning to Australia I finished school and worked around Australia for a bank, then opened my own mortgage broker business. I have travelled a bit having just come back from a skiing holiday in Canada, but it is a planned trip to Washington and NY that has me trying to track down old school friends.
So if any one can help then please email me
1977 Majors Steven C. On 05/16/06 at 10:24:20:
Hello class of 1977! I am wondering how everyone is doing?
I'm doing quite well, I am the father of 2 children (now adults). I am an ordained minister as well. If you remember me, please leave a note. Hope 2 hear from you.
Blessings, Steven C. Majors Sr.
1977 Hollin Robin Dubrow On 1/15/05 at 12:27:42:
Greetings from Missoula, Montana! Bill and I, and our 2 sons are adjusting to the rough, rugged, but simply beautiful life here in Montana. Lots of clean, fresh air, wild animals, friendly people, and some of the best steaks I've ever eaten!
I've taken a job as a Hospice Nurse for a non- profit in Missoula. The job is quite interesting, and takes me to places far from the city. I'm definitely "not in Kansas (or Chevy Chase) anymore." In addition to nursing, I've been teaching a beginnning Hebrew class at the university.
Has anyone heard from other 77' alums? How about Mr. Mullaney? I can be reached at my email address here.
Take Care. Robin
1977 Lawrence Ann On 12/26/02 at 20:43:40:
Hello out there!! Just wondering what, if anything, happened to a 25th year reunion for the class of 1977. Is there a 30 year reunion in the making for 2007? Ann
1978 Zinkgraf Gary

On 6/23/03 at 15:33:56
Attention Class of '78! Our 25th reunion is coming! No details have been set as yet. We are looking at scheduling a reunion on November 28th or 29th. We are collecting contact e-mail addresses. Send a note with your name (including maiden name if appropriate), phone number, and e-mail address to:
Gary Zinkgraf
Spread the word!

1979 Robinson Glenn On 2/16/04 t 17:24:02
Hey hey!!!
Its time to think about our 25th reunion!!! Is anyone planning it? Lets get it going!

Glenn Robinson
1979 Haber Harriet On 12/12/02 at 9:46:39am:
Come visit me at the Giant on the corner of Randolph Rd and the Pike or The Giant and the corner of N Washington and Hungarford Dr. (where the old Hechingers stood.) Would be glade to see some old buddies.



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Strutz (Snape) Anne W. On 11/25/02 at 1:22:39pm:
Class of '79. Great web-site. I loved the History of B-CC. I've linked it to my efolio site. Check it out at: http://www.annestrutz.efoliomn.com I was a member of Choir and Madrigals while I attended B-CC. Hi to all alumni!
1981 Perry (Corbett) Enid On 10/11/02 at 9:44:29am:
I graduated from BCC in 1981. I have recently back into the area. I was wondering where are all the class of 1981 folks and did I miss our 20 year reunion?
1982 Hanstad Tim (Hammer) On 11/20/04 at 15:50:43:
Can any B-CC alums tell me where I can find Chris (Chewer) Greenawalt? Have not talked to him in many years, but think about him and Joe(Pepe) Greenawalt(class of 1983) when I get back in the area each year. Would
appreciate any help. Please contact me.


1983 Crum Mary G. On 12/29/03 at 14:59:42:
Hey my name was Mary G. Crum. I graduated from the class of 1983. I now live in Indianapolis, IN. I have really been home sick lately and while out looking to change jobs.I realized that I lost my high school diploma.
I have been thinking about our 20 year reunion, and I am glad to know that there was one planned. I wish that I could have been there.
Anyone from class of 1983 out there give me a
1983 Yeager Laura Subrin On 8/11/03:
We are planning a great 20th Reunion Weekend, and we want to be sure to see you there!
Mark your calendars:
Friday, November 28, 2003 (the day after Thanksgiving) Park Hyatt (Washington, DC) 7-12 pm (to be confirmed)
Food, drinks, music, dancing, long-lost friends!
Additional events for the weekend:
Tour of the renovated school (Friday mid-day)
Family Picnic (Candy Cane City- Saturday, November 29)
Please go to the Reunion page for more details.
Can't wait to see you all!
Also check out the new Class of 1983 website:
http://www.jdland.com/bcc83, set up by classmate Jacqueline Dupree, for great information on your classmates.
1983 Berilgen Sule On 2/5/03 at 8:27:50am:
Hi, I am a 1983 graduate. I find it wonderful to see my high school's web page!! and I'm looking for my classmates!!!
1984 D'Olimpio Adrienne Terry On 2/2/04 at 8:04 a.m.
Reunion Class of 1984!!
Liz Dupont Spencer and Adrienne Terry D'Olimpio
are your reunion co-chairs!!
We have planned reunion for Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th of November. We will have a tour of the new and improved B-CC on Friday morning and a dinner/dance at the Hyatt in Bethesda on Friday night. Saturday we would like to have a family-friendly brunch and activity, but nothing is set yet.
We welcome ideas, help, organizers and most especially someone to organize a class webpage!! We are posting information on gradfinder.com as well. Can't wait to see ALL OF YOU!!
1984 Ozer Emily On 2/14/03 at 7:40:37pm:
I was just talking to a colleague about the great AP biology class I had taken in high school, and it occurred to me to contact my former teacher, Mr. Bombick, and let him know that I still recall what a wonderful course that was (along with the other 2 courses I took with him). I did not pursue biology as a career but am a social scientist -- an asst. professor of psychology at the University of California -- and just wanted to let him know that his work was appreciated. If there is a way to forward this message to Mr. Bombick, that would be appreciated. Thank you, Emily Ozer B-CC '84
1984 Morris Peter On 1/14/03 at 17:43:51:
Peter Morris ('84) is a volunteer Assistant Chief of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. B-CC Rescue Squad has been protecting the community for the past 63 years. The Rescue Squad is always looking for volunteers ready to become firefighter/rescuers, EMTs, and Paramedics. Please contact Peter Morris at (301) 652-0077 if you are interested in serving this community in a very exiting way.
1985 Epstein Linda On 9/25/05 at 10:49:57
I'm collecting names, addresses and emails for the Class of 1985 to make sure we get in touch with everyone for the reunion this Thanksgiving, 2005.
Please send me an email with your information! Thanks!
1985 Sisson Derek On 7/5/05 at 14:03:00:
I've put together a site for the Class of 1985 in anticipation of the upcoming 20th reunion: http://bcc85.com
1985 Adams Margaret On 3/14/05 at 23:45:45:
I was in the ninth grade at B-CC in 1981-82. As I didn't turn 14 until the end of June, I was the youngest person in the school that year. My strongest memories are of orchestra and Spanish because those are the subjects which have had the most relevence for me. I still play the violin.
My family lived in Maryland, because my father was working for the Australian Embassy. We left the US in September 1982 and returned to Australia in 1983.
My younger sisters Kathryn and Bronwyn and I would love to hear from anyone who remember us. (They both attended Rollingwood Elementary which I have noticed is now closed and Kathy also attended Eastland Junior High). I assume that many of their classmates would have ended up at B-CC. If anyone would like to get in touch with us, please email us.
I am aiming to attend the forthcoming reunion however it is complicated because I am currently in medical school and have to undertake an elective during November. (I can organise to do it anywhere in the world.)
1985 Montaron Julio Roberto On 12/28/02 at 11:09:14am:
Student 1985 - (Student Exchange Program)
1985 Huntington Laura J. On 6/28/02 at 8:21:07pm:
Hello! I graduated from B-CC in 1985. I live in Bakersfield, CA now. I can't believe how much the campus has changed. Laura
1986 Kershaw Paul J. On 9/18/04 at 09:48:26:
I hope that all students and staff members from 1982 to 1990 are doing well and share the fond memories that I have of so many of you. Paul Kershaw
1987 Fredericks Neal On 10/15/04 at 11:52am:
My brother Neal Fredericks graduated from B-CC with the class of 1987. (I'm a member of 1992).
Neal died in a plane crash on August 14th, 2004. He was a cinematographer (best known for the Blair Witch Project) and was on a film shoot in the Florida Keys.
They were taking aerial footage near the Dry Tortugas islands from a single engine Cessna, when the engine failed and they went into the water. The other four people on the plane escaped but Neal was in a special safety harness and wasn't able to get free before the plane sank in 50 feet of water. His body was recovered from the wreckage the next day by U.S. Army Special Forces divers.
Neal first became interested in film and TV production while he was attending B-CC. Information on his work can be found here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0292864/
I just wanted to share this with the B-CC alumni.
Thank you,
1987 Schulze Michael On 5/24/03 at 11:28pm:
Hey all! I just happened to check the website and can't believe the school! Did we auction off all those old bricks and fixtures? I'm sure they would have raised some money on ebay! (as you can probably tell, my standup career fell miserably short) Anyway, I am living in Reno, NV now and work for America West Airlines. I am a team leader in our call center here and love my job! I want to wish the absolute best to all grads out there and if you are ever going to be in the area, email me.
1988 Willims Andrea On 3/19/ 05 at 23:00:05:
My name is Andrea Willims and I am looking to get in touch with any classmate from 1988. Also Connie Wagner, from class of 1983 or before, if anyone knows how to reach her that would great!. Please email me.
1988 Cannan (Thomas) Kiernan On 3/ 22/03 at 14:00:36:
The class of 1988 is beginning to build a database for the 15 year reunion this year. We are asking that all class of 88 alums send all of their contact information to bcc_class_of_88@yahoo.com
1989 Naficy Yassy On 5/17/06 at 18:05:53:
I've taken a break from my overseas consulting career and have produced my first film with a noted director and great cast, and have another (a political thriller) in the works, starting production this winter. The websites are: www.immortallyyoursmovie.com and
Best wishes to all,
Yassy Naficy
1989 Trahan Anika (Nikki) On 10/21/03 at 12:42:59 -0400:
Hello, fellow Barons!, and, members of my esteemed last class of the 1980s. Hope you all are doing well. What's up with our 15th...any planning going on? We've been good about getting our party together (as we always were), let's not stop the trend.




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Yunger Elizabeth On 12/12/02 at 12:57am:
Hi B-CC! I graduated in 1989, and would love to hear from anyone and everyone from the years around me. I am living and working in Baltimore. It has been great hearing from people through Gradfinder, and I hope this more personal website takes off, as well. I hope everyone is doing well with their careers and families and whatever else you got into! Best of luck to the teacher-retirees this year. I have some fond memories of your classes! - Liz Yunger
1990 Raskin Xan On 11/1/05 at 20:42:
If Tammy Shear knew that by running for class president our senior year, she'd have to plan the BCC reunions for us for decades to come she mighta thought twice!
She's asked me to reach out to you on her behalf to get the party started -- some of you may know Tammy got married just this past weekend to a great guy named Matt and is off to Tahiti for her honeymoon this week.
We're going to have an informal 15th year reunion for the BCC Class of 1990 at Rock Bottom Brewery at 7pm on Saturday, Nov. 26th. The bar is located at 7900 Norfolk Ave, Bethesda, 20814 -(301) 652-1311. Come recover after turkey day and see who is already workin' on a combover.
We're going to meet in the upstairs bar which shouldn't be too crowded until much later on that night. For those of you not familiar with Rock Bottom, it serves food in the bar area as well.
Hope to see you all there...please pass this along! Contact is
646-425-5860 or email Xan Raskin Thanks!
Xan Raskin
1991 Garcia Sonny On 3/29/08 at 12:49am
What up class of '91!!! Can you believe it will be 20 years since graduation shortly??? Boy, how time flies. I am still in state working in my own company now. Email me to catch up at sonny.garcia@yahoo.com.
1992 Goeltom Henry J. , "Hari" On 10/28/02 at 2:58:02pm:
Class of 1992! Hello all. Email me if you want to catch up :)
1993 Ventura Maura On 1/24/03 at 8:56:49pm:
Go class of '93, Maura
1993 Yunger Peter On 12/23/02 at 11:02:31am:
This Peter Yunger, class of 1993. I am giving an update for all my fellow alumni as well as those in classes around me. I am living in Quincy Massachusetts and would love to hear from anyone I knew. Also interested to now if we'll be having a reunion next year. I get home about twice a year to see my parents and sisters. The folks still live a few doors down from B-CC. I am amazed by the changes the school has been through in the last few years. I hope to see the inside at some point. As for me, I work as a Customer Care Rep for Boston Financial. We handle customer service and operations for about 100 mutual fund companies. It is a challenging position and I've been here since August. Well, I hope to hear from fellow classmates or other grads who I knew. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.
Peter Yunger
1994 Quashi Natalie On 11/4/04 at 00:50:
Class of 1994 is holding its reunion on Nov. 27, 2004 at The Barking Dog in Bethesda. Go to B-CC alumni's Reunion webpage for details.
1994 Gordon Adrienne (Emmett) On 1/4/03 at 10:22:49pm:
Great new look BCC! I graduated in 1994, and am now married with a 6 month old! Would love to hear from old classmates...
1995 Cain- Glanville Georgette On 4/12/04 at 21:03:07:
Hello, I recently got married in August of 2004.
I was wondering was anyone planning a reunion for upcoming 2005. I'm really excited to see my old classmates. I hope to hear from you guys. My e-mail address. Take care.
1995 Blacklow Brian On 1/20/03 at 02:02:26:
I'm currently teaching elementary education in the Mississippi Delta region through Teach For America. If you know me, contact me.
Address: 756 Walnut St. Marks, MS. 38646
Phone #: (662) 326-6037
email: brblacklow@yahoo.com
1996 Dunkelberger Eaton On 4/04/06 at 10:39:58:
Reunion Coordinators Needed!
Hi guys, I'm planning our long awaited 10yr reunion for November 25, '06. I think it will be a blast. Please drop me a line if you have a bit of time and would not mind making a few phone calls. I am living out of the country, so I could really use
the help!
See you soon! Eaton D
1996 Tyler Gordon On 9/9/02 at 7:06:28pm:
Wow, great [B-CC High School] website. I am a '96 grad...my favorite teacher by far was Dr. Bath, because he is so good at articulating how we were supposed to do work in his class...keep up the good work Dr. Bath!
1997 Thomsen Jake On 2/17/06 at 17:25:00:
Jonathan (Jake) A. Thomsen
4614 DeRussey Parkway, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
US Peace Corps The Gambia 2003-2005





Gabaldon Alejandra On 9/5/02 at 2:28:20am:
Hello to everyone! I graduated with the class of 97, and came back to my country Venezuela. I have so many good memories of BCC, and I can only hope to say hello to Mr. Zim (my Photo mentor) and the awesom Mrs. Klayman (even though I think she retired). I give you the best wishes one could have to that awesome school that I loved so much! THANKS




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Werstein Nelson On 10/15/02 at 9:34:00am:
Hello USA. I studied in Chevy-Chase high school, for one year (98). Still i was very well impressed by everything i saw. I just want to say hello and wish you all the best of success. I am also hoping to get in touch with some friends that i lost along the road when i returned to Portugal. If anyone recognizes me by name, feel free to contact me. Adeus, abraços de Portugal
2000 Rivas-Antunes Ruth On 7/10/08 at 2:20pm
Class of 2000 was GREAT! I like to know who is going to work on the reunion for 2010 and just to keep in touch with old classmate. My contact info is ruthantunes82@hotmail.com
2000 Martinez Sandra Carolina On 5/19/06 at 16:01:35:
I graduated in the Class of 2000 and I have good memories. I cannot believe is been 6 years now.
Anyone planning a class reunion?
Sandra C. Martinez
2000 Waltjen Ryan On 8/26/02 at 11:22:50am:
Class of 2000 baby!!!



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Boss Andrew W. On 8/9/02 at 1:08:44am:
If you had told me last year that I would miss this place I would not have believed you. Now, however, it's kind of sad to realize that I won't be coming back next year.




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Mullaney Ed On 10/2/02 at 4:54:04pm:
Hello to all from a retired BCC teacher. Leland 1966-1979 & BCC 1979-1996. The new school is truly spectacular...a great mix of the old and new and the [B-CC HS] website keeps me up-to-date on the Barons. BCC trained me so well for my next job - working as the Downtown Manager of Cumberland, MD. My blood still does run blue and gold. Best Wishes and Go Barons !!!!
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