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Gift Giving
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Class Gifts

Thank you to.....

1944:   $  1,225  (FY2005);  $     350  (FY2007)
1949:   $  1,000  (FY2004);  $  1,000  (FY2010)
1956:   $  4,348  (FY2007)
1959:   $  1,000  (FY2010)
1963:   $  1,825  (FY2004)
1966:   $  1,969  (FY2009)
1968:   $  1,000  (FY2009)
1969:   $  1,470.31  (FY2010)
1971:   $  1,500  (FY2008)
1975:   $10,020  (FY2005);  $  1,975  (FY2011)
1979:   $  1,315  (FY2004)
1980:   $     100  (FY2010)
1983:   $  1,161  (FY2004) - in memory of our departed classmates
1985:   $  2,604  (FY2006)
1986:   $  1,669  (FY2007)
1987:   $     938  (FY2008)
1989:   $  1,000  (FY2011)
1990:   $     900  (FY2011)

Gift Giving Information for B-CC Alumni

For those of you who have reunions coming up, please consider making a class gift to the school. Even if you do not have a reunion coming up, please consider making a contribution. Donations can be made through the B-CC High School Educational Foundation and are tax deductible. All donors will be recognized in the Foundation’s Annual Report. In addition, the Foundation has a plaque in the school’s entrance hall honoring its generous supporters for gifts of $1,000 to $5,000 and $5,000 and over. The gift can be designated for particular programs or categories, or can be unrestricted. Here are some examples of how your gift can be put to use:

  • Professional Development for B-CC staff (The Ed Mullaney Professional Development Fund)—The fund helps defray part of the costs of participation in workshops, seminars, and training for the B-CC staff. Such participation is crucial in their acquisition of new educational tools and instructional techniques, and the benefits are multiplied as these teachers share their skills and knowledge with their colleagues. The costs for workshops averaged $850 per teacher last year.

  • Academic Program and Student Support—B-CC’s academic program puts B-CC on par with the finest public and private high schools in the area. It is a goal of the Foundation to assure that B-CC students continue to be challenged to the highest levels of achievement and receive the support they need to reach their potential. In a survey of students leaders done at the start of the 2004-2005 school year, the number one priority of the students is having extra time and more focused academic support for all students at all levels, from those struggling to succeed in grade-level courses to those who are taking advanced courses but need extra encouragement and support to succeed.

    • TAP (Time for Academic Progress), an after-school academic support program for all students, has been extended from Math to English, Science, and Social Studies. The Foundation has pledged to raise the $60,000 needed for this and other academic support programs for the school year.

    • A gift of $9,000 will fully fund participation for 30 students, and a gift of $300 will fund one student’s participation, in the 9th Grade Summer Academy. The Academy provides additional academic and skills training for incoming 9th graders at risk of not succeeding at B-CC without the transitional support.

  • Opening Doors to College—Another goal of the Foundation is to help all B-CC students, regardless of background and family resources, to be aware of the post-high school opportunities available to them and what is required of them to take advantage of those opportunities.

    • A gift of $900 will provide a full year’s funding for one student at CollegeTracks, a program designed to help students with their college search and application process during the school year, particularly those students whose parents have not attended college and who may be unfamiliar with the college and financial aid application processes.

  • Undesignated—This would allow the Foundation to put the funds in the program(s) most in need.


Projects Funded by the B-CC High School Educational Foundation

For a complete list of projects funded by the B-CC HS Educational Foundation, please go to



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