New Program Launch: Link Crew Peer Leadership

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The B-CC HS Educational Foundation and B-CC HS PTA are excited to announce the launch of Link Crew, an innovative peer leadership program proven to build community and student connections in thousands of schools across the country. This joint investment by the Foundation and the PTA is timed to coincide with the Fall 2019 arrival of the first freshman class made up of both Westland and Silver Creek Middle School students.

How does it work? Link Crew matches 11th and 12th grade peer leaders with diverse, balanced cohorts (or “crews”) of 9th graders. Each upperclassman-led crew participates in orientation activities together before school starts and then meets regularly for academic and social events over the course of the 9th grade year. In addition to building a sense of community among the crew, student leaders also check in with students one on one as they acclimate to high school life. Student crew leaders, faculty and administration sponsors are trained in the program’s academic and social tools, which research shows decreases absenteeism, bullying, and disciplinary actions while increasing academic performance, school safety, and overall student success in high school.

Initial reports from B-CC staff and students trained this summer in the Link Crew program are overwhelmingly positive; Link Crew’s belief that students can help students succeed and build bonds fully aligns to B-CC’s academic and social goals for the school community. Stay tuned this year for Foundation and PTA updates on the Link Crew rollout. And as always, thank you for your generous Foundation support that makes high-quality academic support programming like Link Crew available for our students!